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Amol_B 13-May-16 0:49am View    
Thanks. so does it mean if the option is set to zero, then you cannot access sql server database from other machine ?
Amol_B 8-Feb-16 3:05am View    
HiI am facing the same issue.
Any suggestions in this is highly appreciated.
Amol_B 27-Oct-15 7:02am View    
Thanks for your reply.
Product Code is fine and that can be updated. ( i did edited end part of my question - how to get correct Error code). Basically i am expecting Error code 1683 to be returned so that my another module can catch it, but setup always returns Error Code 1603
Amol_B 26-Oct-15 7:36am View    
Amol_B 27-Oct-14 8:53am View    
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