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The Zetta 1-Apr-13 16:23pm View
You're welcome. If it works for you, help others by choosing it as answer to your question, so if someone else is searching, he knows that there is an answer.
The Zetta 11-Mar-12 3:13am View
the coded one worked for me. wrote the others for whoever is interested.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 11:50am View
what do you mean? I think examples are clear enough.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 11:02am View
about calling script from code behind, you must set onclick event.
I'm improving the answer, check it in a moment.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 10:37am View
you can not access ASP.NET objects and their properties by javascript! your best shot is getting date by Ajax, and manipulating it by javascript.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 9:52am View
there is no radiobuttonlist element in html. every radiobuttonlist generates html code like above. if you are doing it with ASP.NET, like c#, you need to set each generated radiobutton's onclick attribute. something like this :

foreach(ListItem RadioButton in RadioButtons){
RadioButton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "countUp();");
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 9:26am View
What datepicker?! are we speaking .NET datepicker? or third party?
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 9:17am View
Question is not clear. Does your program use MySQL for storing data? Are you working on a network or on web?
The Zetta 30-Aug-10 6:38am View
Windows or Web?
The Zetta 28-Aug-10 9:05am View
Well, thats because the code is in T-SQL (SQL Server language). for Oracle, see the link. the smile thing is a ":" with a "0"
The Zetta 26-Aug-10 7:36am View
OK, I'll write the code now, and as soon as it is finished, I'll let you now. I'm on a trip, currently in Germany, so it may take some time.
The Zetta 23-Aug-10 12:52pm View
OK, it is getting clearer. now let me now, % and comma are there? or not? header is always D110000004? or at least, its length is always 10 characters?
The Zetta 23-Aug-10 9:42am View
Hi. please give me an actual string, so I can write the code for you. I mean, fill the data part. and, are brackets in the string? or just used to show limits?
The Zetta 22-Aug-10 8:59am View
Reason for my vote of 1
no code, not enough explanation!