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The Zetta 1-Apr-13 16:23pm View    
You're welcome. If it works for you, help others by choosing it as answer to your question, so if someone else is searching, he knows that there is an answer.
The Zetta 11-Mar-12 3:13am View    
the coded one worked for me. wrote the others for whoever is interested.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 11:50am View    
what do you mean? I think examples are clear enough.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 11:02am View    
about calling script from code behind, you must set onclick event.
I'm improving the answer, check it in a moment.
The Zetta 20-Feb-12 10:37am View    
you can not access ASP.NET objects and their properties by javascript! your best shot is getting date by Ajax, and manipulating it by javascript.