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Comments by Oshtri Deka (Top 200 by date)

Oshtri Deka 1-Oct-20 4:51am View    
Use punctuation marks. It is hard to read.
Question is to vague to be given exact answer.
Oshtri Deka 1-Oct-20 4:49am View    
:(Didn't know that.
Yet I've posted "solution".
Oshtri Deka 1-Oct-20 4:40am View    
Write entire method.
What is the structure of both tables?
How do you fetch data from db?
Oshtri Deka 29-Sep-20 7:30am View    
I agree, don't complicate.
Oshtri Deka 28-Sep-20 13:06pm View    
1. I agree with Richard's remark.
2. How long is that varchar column in DB?
3. Write us error text your receive.