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Comments by Balimusi (Top 13 by date)

Balimusi 1-Jun-14 21:22pm View    
This is real, no spam. Go check it out yourself.
Balimusi 26-Jun-13 14:11pm View    
Just step through your code and update us with the error message.
Balimusi 16-Jun-13 22:24pm View    
No problem - hope that helps!
Balimusi 22-May-13 13:58pm View    
Check your query and see if you have the same duplicate rows, and go from there...
Balimusi 22-May-13 13:54pm View    
This is entirely depending on your need and situation. If your purpose is solely returning data to your application, DataReader will be a good choice. DataReader is a forward-only read; it's fast.

However, there is situation where you need to use DataSet; for instance, if you need to transform the result-set into XML and to be sent over the wire via HTTP, where a DataReader cannot be serialized and cannot be passed between physical-tier boundaries.