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Anshul R 27-Sep-11 22:45pm View

IsNumeric checks if the given string contains only numbers.

We can use this function from Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information

It returns a boolean value on checking if the string is numeric.

So, if you want to check if a string (say text from a textbox) is numeric in the program,


will return true if the text is numeric.
Anshul R 25-Jun-11 23:13pm View
Anshul R 3-Jun-11 7:42am View
Check these articles :
Anshul R 3-Jun-11 7:38am View
Are you trying to get your homework done.?
Anshul R 3-Jun-11 7:06am View
Dave said it.
Anshul R 26-May-11 3:34am View
Hood :)
Anshul R 26-May-11 3:34am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good :)
Anshul R 26-May-11 2:37am View
Check for .NET using .NET itself?
Anshul R 26-May-11 2:22am View
Not marketing. In fact I hate Visual Assist X. I prefer Microsoft integrating IntelliSense with C++ 2010. The only working solution is this.
Anshul R 25-May-11 10:41am View
More typing :P
Anshul R 8-Nov-10 6:13am View
Thank you for the suggestion..

I do not wish to be rude. If I am, I'm really sorry.

1) In a quadratic equation, 'a' can never be 0. So, where can a division by zero problem occur?
2) Taking square root twice is not a big issue.. It is computed in a matter of seconds.. I do agree it is inefficient in the extreme case..
3) An alternative can have an improved feature.
Anshul R 28-Jun-10 21:05pm View
Anshul R 22-Jun-10 6:52am View
compile the project.

open the assembly(exe or dll file) in reflector.

In the programming language drop-down, choose VB
Anshul R 15-Jun-10 23:25pm View
Restoring is simple.

Scan the string line by line.
Check if a colon exists in the current line. If it exists, it is a property. So, split it and get the two values. Use SetValue for that particular property.
If there is no colon, then see if a control of that name exists. If it doesn't, skip to the next line
Anshul R 14-Jun-10 8:49am View

These are the only 2 possibilities. I have provided the solution for both and made the question wider and clearer.
Anshul R 14-Jun-10 8:45am View
Improved the question.
Anshul R 14-Jun-10 4:09am View
Even this
Anshul R 14-Jun-10 0:54am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Tip already posted

C# and VB.NET Available
Anshul R 13-Jun-10 0:09am View
:) good. Have fun :)
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 4:16am View
I don't know.

Bug with WPF?

Since VS2010 UI is designed with WPF
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 2:13am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Repeat of my tip
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 2:12am View
I Told the same thing! :P
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 1:56am View
To my knowledge, .NET Framework does not have this capability. You might have to write your own FTP Client.

There are good FTP projects in CodeProject
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 1:45am View
For that, there will be a password box.

Use SendKeys.SendWait(Make sure your application is active that time)

First send the Username(as a string)
Then send "{TAB}" - For going to the password box
Then send the password(as a string)
Then send "{TAB}" - For focusing on the OK button.
Then send "{Return}" - equivalent of clicking OK button
Anshul R 11-Jun-10 1:13am View
What about

Label1.Parent = Control
Label1.Background = Transparent
Anshul R 10-Jun-10 7:35am View
Anshul R 10-Jun-10 7:26am View
Anshul R 8-Jun-10 10:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1
The question is not clear