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Lance Contreras 6-Nov-13 2:03am View    
I'm also having the same problem. After few hours of googling it, I found out that it's a known bug on the radio button. I found some suggestions of creating a list box and style it like a radio button. However it won't work in my case because I need the GroupName property since I'm using each of my buttons in a data template so i need to bind the group name.
Lance Contreras 27-Mar-13 6:47am View    
I see, the best practice is that you put the TagCollection inside a viewmodel(i.e.TagVM) and then set the MainWindow's DataContext to an instance of TagVM.

But if you're strict with the implementation, and you really need to implement it the way you said it, what you can do is implement an INotifyPropertyChange in your main window. You'll be having a PropertyChange event when you implement that interface and you should also implement your own method of RaisePropertyChange. I'll update the solution without using a ViewModelbase. Please see my updates.

Lance Contreras 26-Mar-13 11:14am View    
I don't get it, what's the structure of your UI? How are you going to launch the login page from the main page? You can try binding it explicitly by setting the control's DataContext to a specific viewmodel object (i.e. MainPage.DataContext = new MainPageViewModel() or LoginPage.DataContext = new LoginViewModel()). It really depend's on the structure of your code.
Lance Contreras 26-Mar-13 10:43am View    
Which specific WPF library are you pertaining to?
Lance Contreras 26-Mar-13 10:39am View    
I agree with Matej. You need to have a control template for that.