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Comments by Dhyanga (Top 12 by date)

Dhyanga 17-Dec-20 13:07pm View
I am running into same issue. Did you have a solution now?
Dhyanga 9-Apr-18 12:47pm View
Thank you again for the ajax debug information. I can see the issue and now able to fix it. Thanks a lot.
Dhyanga 9-Apr-18 11:59am View
No it did't work either.
Dhyanga 9-Apr-18 10:50am View
Thank you Bryian for prompt response. I tried the parameter name as ProductId but no change. :(
Dhyanga 8-Dec-16 11:05am View
oh ok. I will from next time onwards. I have never used comments before so I didn't know that. Well thank you for letting me know.
Dhyanga 7-Dec-16 12:06pm View
How to do that? I am so confused. It would be great if you give an example. I thought
var closedDates = [@String.Join(",", hlist)]; line is adding apostrophes to the list.
Dhyanga 31-Oct-16 15:15pm View
which version of itextsharp did you use?
Dhyanga 10-Dec-14 10:32am View
Thank you!!
Dhyanga 9-Dec-14 16:25pm View
so Do i need to write those code by myself or do they automatically generated?
Dhyanga 9-Dec-14 14:29pm View
I couldn't understand where the SaveViewState is called in that code.
Dhyanga 9-Dec-14 14:26pm View
if I have repeater with textboxes, how do I insert my string array data to those textboxes ?
Dhyanga 9-Dec-14 12:31pm View
I added the ClientIDMMode but still same issue. :(