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Comments by Kiranjjain (Top 2 by date)

Kiranjjain 21-Mar-11 3:49am View
to send Data / Sync Data between Branch and the HO, we intend to use VPN over internet. This connection will be just temporary connection for the purpose of syncing Data only.
Kiranjjain 21-Mar-11 3:25am View
"Switch to using uniqueidentifier fields, and set them to a new GUID in your C# code. This approach has an added security of avoiding unintended FK matches, which might happen when you use straight integers."

How to set the unique Identifier to the new GUID? I believe, UniqueIdentifier is a randomly generated Hex value Generated everytime a new record would get added in the table, how safe is it to use it as a primary key, will it never generate the same value ever?