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Comments by Alan N (Top 133 by date)

Alan N 30-Jun-22 10:25am View    
What is the string assigned to CompilerOptions that is causing the error?
Alan N 10-May-21 9:15am View     CRLF
To get any kind of answer you will have to provide code that makes sense. Just glancing at the current version of your question I wonder 1) What is the loop doing given that it does not use 'm' and we don't know what 's' contains. 2) Why when an exception occurs do you just try the same thing again. 3) Why dispose of the WebClient object when an async operation is still in progress. 4) Why is there no DownloadFileCompleted event handler
Alan N 19-Jan-21 18:30pm View     CRLF
What is the resource 'test'? I would expect it to be the contents of a zip file stored as byte[] in which case the correct way to get it back would be to cast 'resourcedata', e.g. byte[] zipcontent = resourcedata as byte[]. Your use of a BinaryFormatter to serialise the 'resourcedata' cannot be correct and will only transform it into something which is definitely not a zipfile.
Alan N 30-Oct-20 16:35pm View    
Shouldn't you reverse the order of steps 3 and 4 so that the saved bitmap is displayed by the PictureBox and the Photo Viewer?
Alan N 26-Apr-20 11:14am View    
What control are you using? The title says listview but the text mentions a listbox containing child controls. I'm confused - please give full type names.