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Hari-Adarapu 31-May-11 18:18pm View    
Found the root cause. thought to share it so that someone can use this in the future.

The problem is with MDAC that is installed with office and this is related to COM as well. My VB app uses COM components and becoz of improper installation of MDAC, it doesn't allow to create COM components and VB app crashes due to improper error handling.

Steps to fix this
Run office 2007 repair and make sure error handling is done properly.

Should be able to open the application without any problem.

Thanks Guys...
Hari-Adarapu 31-May-11 17:41pm View    
First of all thanks for your time.
1.Yes it is not a technical issue. i am wondering why this is installing office web components everytime i open the exe.
2.Expected funtionality is, My application should display a VB form on opening it. Now it is not happening but could see the application entry on task manager in Non responding status.
Hari-Adarapu 24-Feb-11 23:46pm View    
I posted this question here because the applet internally calls a twain dll that is in c++ and this dll creates the window. So please revoke the downvote.