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Shemeer NS 18-Sep-12 17:02pm View
5'ed your qstn.
till now,have you found any thing better than crypto obfuscator? thanks
Shemeer NS 2-Aug-12 5:51am View
What's the RBS_conrol ?
Shemeer NS 31-Jul-12 11:15am View
Shemeer NS 31-Jul-12 9:20am View
In mozilla "window.event.keyCode" won't work.. add this line var code = (event.keyCode) ? event.keyCode : event.which; and use variable code to compare the key...
Shemeer NS 24-Jul-12 11:37am View
try setting the causesvalidation=false and validate in server side or try setting ValidationGroup or else try adding dummy controls for ok button for the popop okcontrolid
Shemeer NS 24-Jul-12 11:34am View
I don't think your data is saving to the database from the button click! are you sure?
Shemeer NS 24-Jul-12 8:58am View
from this "defSave_Command" event your data is getting saved properly?
Shemeer NS 24-Jul-12 6:04am View
You are saving the data to the database from the server code then why looking for client script to clear the data from controls? Whats the exact problem you are facing...
Shemeer NS 20-Jul-12 15:27pm View
you made it more clear... 5'ed
Shemeer NS 14-Jul-12 4:50am View
It's not working means!!! getting any error? or not working as expected?
Shemeer NS 14-Jul-12 4:48am View

AndAlso(&&) in C#, if the first condition doesn't satisfy then it won't go to the second condition... I hope you are clear on this now...

if (chkBx != null & chkBx.Checked) // if used bitwise & then you are right in case of null it will throw error

correct me if I'm wrong...
Shemeer NS 13-Jul-12 10:02am View
whats the value in arrLIst[7] ? whats the value in istaxexpted ?
Shemeer NS 13-Jul-12 9:43am View
5'ed for good guidance...
Shemeer NS 13-Jul-12 8:45am View
When you click on Eidt button, do you want to make all the nested grids in edit mode? also pls post your HTML code for more understanding....
Shemeer NS 12-Jul-12 11:33am View
try Improve your question
Shemeer NS 12-Jul-12 11:19am View
You're welcome
Shemeer NS 12-Jul-12 6:29am View
Shemeer NS 12-Jul-12 5:37am View
why you need to update main table when you update other tables as you only have id field of other table in main table , so when you update other tables the autoincriment id is not going to change.. give more details for better understanding...
Shemeer NS 12-Jul-12 5:16am View
What's the session timeout for this application?...or how you keep your user logged in for 3 months or more than that, are you using any cookie?
Shemeer NS 11-Jul-12 14:56pm View
just remove the space, (TextBox)row.FindControl("textbox");
Shemeer NS 11-Jul-12 13:33pm View
Is this button in the same row/ outside the grid?
Shemeer NS 11-Jul-12 6:08am View
Shemeer NS 11-Jul-12 6:04am View
Shemeer NS 11-Jul-12 5:45am View
have you populated value to the dsEmployee, before calling this method... if not populated then read this from msdn this will help you...
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 13:52pm View
problem resolved?
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 11:50am View
have you checked the link that I have given... its not for copy paste just to understand the main logic....
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 11:46am View
if you are using datagrid or gridview this is same for all.. the actual probelm is dsEmployee is null or thetre is no table tblTicketing in dsEmployee... try debugging your code to see the actual values of dataset
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 11:08am View
in which line you are getting error?
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 7:48am View
What excatly you are looking for...please give more details to get the right answer...
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 7:43am View
You're welcome
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 6:51am View
What's the IIS version? have you checked this handler is configured for your site or not?
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 6:27am View
CLEAR button is in the same row? or outside? do you have any unique key in xml file?
Shemeer NS 10-Jul-12 5:47am View
You're welcome
Shemeer NS 9-Jul-12 9:28am View
It would be nice If some one can tell the reason forthis downvotes....
Shemeer NS 7-Jul-12 11:39am View
that file is included in the App_Data folder of and correspondingly I have changed the path in web.config also.... then also it was giving same error...
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 9:19am View
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 8:00am View
you wanted to populate all day (1,2,...30,) in a combobox inside a gridview column?
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 7:56am View
gotFocus and Lost Focus are not available in the property window ... just add the handler then it will work for you... I have added a solution for you...please check
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 7:32am View
I have added one soution....If you are getting any specific error message please let me know
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 6:09am View
Shemeer NS 6-Jul-12 6:08am View
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 14:27pm View
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:39am View
+5 you too answered very correctly....cheers 10K :)
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:37am View
Why should I downvote this question .... Its done by some else....If I downvote any question then I won't add any solution also :)... mostly I will mention the reason for down vote also as a comment...
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:29am View
right...actually its nowhere mentioned also... :(
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:29am View
thanks :)
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:28am View
You need to give 5* to mark this as solution, not 2* :(
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 10:25am View
why down voted? any special reason ?
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 9:46am View
have you done anything on this?
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 9:40am View
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 7:20am View
I agree with Prasad's always better to request for solutions....
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 6:44am View
If you have already running code in c# then you can use the same in windows service also....
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 5:57am View
Thank you...I'm happy to help you...
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 5:29am View
Please Improve your question with more details....
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 5:18am View
I have updated the solution with a link for more details
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 5:16am View
No data loss..... if you are still worriying take a backup :)
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 4:56am View
are you getting any excpetion.please tell the steps what all you have done....
Shemeer NS 5-Jul-12 4:55am View
when you want to validate? in any button click or while selecting the date itself?
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 13:37pm View
problem resolved???mark it as solution if it answer your question
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 9:32am View
I have updated the solution for you with detailed code...please check....
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 9:26am View
Thank You....
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 8:13am View
hey.. I have updated answer with option 3 ... I hope that solution will help you to acheive this easily.
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 3:06am View
yes sandeep, I agree with you...
Shemeer NS 4-Jul-12 2:57am View
Thank You...
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 11:30am View
Please share the HTML for grid and the specified event...for a detailed check
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 10:31am View
I doubt that there's some charachetr is going extra that's not identified by the excel
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 10:29am View
What problem exactly you are facing? What's going wrong this code?
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 9:19am View
Do you have multiple Data Key Names in Gridview? can you provide some more details about the code
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 7:53am View
he was asking for space validation, not number validation!!!
Shemeer NS 3-Jul-12 2:21am View
You can get the cutomer details in second page using the cuser_id, so what's your real problem,please clarify
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 16:17pm View
I have updated the answer with another solution.
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 14:41pm View
why down-voted, please tell me
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 13:56pm View
thank you....
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 11:00am View
Thank you :)
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 10:19am View
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 10:16am View
you are welcome.... :)
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 7:44am View
Avoid reposting if Improving your question will make more idea on your issue
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 6:10am View
can you explain what you are tring to acheive?
Shemeer NS 2-Jul-12 6:06am View
Have you done anything?
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 16:47pm View
not really... it's for others who is looking for the same solution... this asked just before 2 weeks
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 15:16pm View
Means the code is misplaced!!!.... no one can see your screen, please share the code so that someone can guide you on this issue...
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 13:45pm View
you mistakenly written two redirect statement, whereas only first one is required and that will resolve your problem
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 13:12pm View
I have added a solution, mark it as solution if it resolved your issue
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 12:51pm View
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 12:08pm View
are you working in win form or web form?
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 11:33am View
You may have copied this file and renamed. so the same method exists for the payment class. if this is not your case post your code here with the steps ....
Shemeer NS 1-Jul-12 11:23am View
you wanted to save the excel file in database or all the values in tabular format ?