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Comments by Frankie-C (Top 200 by date)

Frankie-C 22-Feb-16 6:01am View    
Read the remark section in All child window are part of a top window enable/disable chain, but with a lot of details as usual in Win.
Frankie-C 22-Feb-16 5:38am View    
there are many tricky things related to the window state, the calling thread etc.
Have you tried using SetForegroundWindow()?
Frankie-C 20-Feb-16 13:50pm View    
You cannot set focus on a disabled window. Enable window then set focus.
Frankie-C 1-Jan-16 12:11pm View    
Try using mapping views of file like mmap( ).
Frankie-C 12-Dec-15 14:27pm View    
I don't see the initialization of 'foundNTDLL' using 'GetProcAddress(hdlNtCreateFile, "NtCreateFile");'.
You omitted it for simplicity or you never initialized it?