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Michel [mjbohn] 8-Apr-12 4:10am View    
This depends on the router you're using. And you only need forwarding when you're doing NAT from private to public network.
Michel [mjbohn] 2-Apr-12 10:14am View    
Please use "Improve question" to alter/complete your question.
Don't post it as solution.
Michel [mjbohn] 2-Apr-12 8:38am View    
oops, copy&paste to wrong tab :)
Forgett the answer, sorry
Michel [mjbohn] 30-Mar-12 4:27am View    
Yes, workbench is an easy to use tool. But it is pretty useless if your DB is configured to reject login attempts from remote or your account is bound to connects from localhost.
Michel [mjbohn] 30-Mar-12 4:17am View    
Yepp, you're right regarding firewalls, but I don't see an issue with routers.