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Tomz_KV 27-Apr-18 15:25pm View    
My issue was similar to yours. Everything worked fine in dev environment. It was also fine when the web api was hosted in production and called from a dev app. 401 unauthorized error only occurred when the web api and the app were both run on production server. Windows authentication was used for both. The fix (or workaround) was to call the web api using its IP address instead of a friendly url. This might not be a favorable way to do it since the IP address did not have a SSL certificate.

Can you share how you resolved your issue?
Tomz_KV 3-Jan-12 15:05pm View    
It might be better to redirect to a html page instead of .aspx page during maintenance. app_offline.htm does not need any code. If you want to say something different to different users, you do need .aspx page.
Tomz_KV 15-Jul-10 14:38pm View    
There is one attribute in page directive: validateRequest. The default value is true. If you set validateReqeust="false", user will be allowed to enter html code.