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Peter_in_2780 20-Aug-23 23:22pm View    
Don't know about your case, but in the past I (and a zillion others) have been bitten by end-of-line padding.
Particularly when the pixel size is not a divisor of the (padded) line length, things go down the gurgler very quickly.
Peter_in_2780 10-Aug-23 1:10am View    
There you can check specific features against versions of Safari.
Also use the dev tools in Safari, compare working and non-working versions side by side.
Peter_in_2780 27-Jul-23 0:10am View    
If this is related to an article on this site, post it in the discussion below the article. That way, the author will be advised.
Peter_in_2780 14-May-23 2:21am View    
Two obvious questions:
1. Does FindWindow return a good window handle to PID?
2. What is the return value from SendMessage? That will probably tell you what your error is.
Peter_in_2780 27-Apr-23 2:59am View    
More likely occurring on an intermediate file, rather than toolchain component.
I'm guessing umask is set to something sane.
strace is the masochist's friend in cases like this; not sure how much trace you can crank up in make.