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Xmen Real 23-Jun-17 19:26pm View
Create a new question, post your sample code, it will get answered.
Xmen Real 21-Jun-17 0:47am View
Add that line right above the class implementing the IExtenderProvider.
Xmen Real 27-Sep-15 12:53pm View
Xmen Real 2-Jul-15 8:29am View
LOL okay
Xmen Real 23-May-15 20:09pm View
Google how to call a web service. Plus, I think calling web service every second is not a good idea.
Xmen Real 3-May-15 21:09pm View
Your question is incomplete. How do you want to display it on app ? What controls are you using ? Please complete your question first. :)
Xmen Real 8-Jan-15 0:54am View
I haven't tried Mac OS and Mono, is there a problem that I should know ?
Xmen Real 7-Mar-13 22:17pm View
You sounds like lawyer, I bet noone can win argument with you :P
Xmen Real 7-Mar-13 21:16pm View
Nobody stops you from commenting, but why comment after years passed, I wouldn't mind if you have commented that time or downvoted me, but now ? AYFKM ?
Xmen Real 7-Mar-13 13:19pm View
There is no need to comment a 2 years old answer just to get reputation points.
Xmen Real 27-Jul-11 6:10am View
whats the point of this ?
Xmen Real 2-Jul-11 10:36am View
IncrementByOne ? seriously ? is it hard to write int++
Xmen Real 15-May-11 12:12pm View
hahaha such a noob, you better go and learn english first
Xmen Real 27-Apr-11 20:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
worst way, just use for more info
Xmen Real 8-Apr-11 8:45am View
you said resize not minimize :)
Xmen Real 5-Apr-11 11:40am View
he is trying to test xss hahaha what a fail
Xmen Real 31-Mar-11 8:32am View
why you writing <T>...simply use System.Collection.IList
Xmen Real 28-Mar-11 21:21pm View
"I keep getting the Error message "The type or namespace name 'T' could not be found..." I cannot get the compiler to recognize the type ."
how you setting those properties ?

"I noticed you don't have a type in the IList. I cannot get this to work either."

why not ?

you can get type like this

IList list = new List<string>();
Type t = list.GetType();
Type t2 = typeof(List<string>);
if (t == t2)
{ }//matched
Xmen Real 18-Jan-11 6:57am View
no need to vote 1, you could have said that normally :)
Xmen Real 16-Jan-11 10:29am View
why use div instead of table ? I saw some people talk about it before but they were all pointless and stupids. Hope you get some better reason for saying that.
Xmen Real 16-Jan-11 9:27am View
no offense, but I dont see it as a tip or trick. It just a normal thing a common programmer know.
Xmen Real 12-Dec-10 7:37am View
windows.history.clear is much better and simple
Xmen Real 29-Nov-10 6:22am View
AFAIK if there is an error in sql statement, you cant get value.
Xmen Real 28-Nov-10 23:29pm View
I read your answer more than 3 times, but I have no idea what you trying to say. Maybe you got me wrong.
Xmen Real 15-Nov-10 9:39am View
well, you should have added ASP.Net tag
Xmen Real 14-Nov-10 21:06pm View
The link you provided needs registration, I dont think that gonna work :(
Xmen Real 26-Oct-10 5:02am View
awesome, I spent whole day searching and trying for refresh. Finally a good one. Thanks
Xmen Real 10-Oct-10 5:52am View
Some info about it
Xmen Real 10-Oct-10 5:51am View
It should show some progress.
Xmen Real 9-Sep-10 10:41am View
You should rewrite your aspx code( encode html )
Xmen Real 8-Sep-10 19:58pm View
Noobhead, read the date when it was posted and status deleted.
Xmen Real 23-Aug-10 5:52am View
Getting roles through name would be slower than numeric id.
Xmen Real 23-Jul-10 9:22am View
glad you found the solution, even I got something to learn about OneTime binding ;)
Xmen Real 18-Jul-10 9:17am View
You mean, once you set textblock1 it set textblock2 but only first time ?
Xmen Real 17-Jul-10 21:44pm View
Would you like to explain more, I don't get what exactly you are trying to do. You said you defined 2 classed in custom control, so whats the problem ?
Xmen Real 7-Jul-10 3:59am View
Can you tell me how can I multiply colors ? Like Multiply effect in Photoshop
Xmen Real 7-Jul-10 3:25am View
Got an idea, see my answer and thanks for reply. Now I will have to read your articles again ;)
Xmen Real 7-Jul-10 3:20am View
I have read all your articles about image processing but they all change color of colored images.
Xmen Real 1-Jul-10 3:39am View
"Reason for my vote of 2"
Why 2, you could vote 1. Keep doing this, nobody gonna help you.
Xmen Real 10-Jun-10 13:03pm View
try keydown event, If I remember properly... it fires with paste by mouse too ;)