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Comments by Sazzad Hossain (Top 7 by date)

Sazzad Hossain 20-Oct-11 9:06am View    
what version of SQL server r u using?
Sazzad Hossain 12-Oct-11 1:48am View    
this.RenderControl(ht); here this means the aspx page u r in....
Sazzad Hossain 11-Oct-11 2:47am View    
i hope that's not ur actual password u pasted on ur code block :)
Sazzad Hossain 10-Oct-11 11:53am View    
do u mean you want to access the COM port of the server where u app is hosted? Do u want to access the ports to do some processing or you want to make it something like a proxy or relay of that port?
Sazzad Hossain 10-Oct-11 11:51am View    
what type of region adapter are you using?