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Reader Man San 17-Sep-15 13:03pm View
Thank you, i meant i am new in the sense of posting to codeproject, but i have been reading from it for years.

i will try to think about it more, and maybe if i see it fit, i will make it as a tip.

Reader Man San 17-Sep-15 12:19pm View
Sorry for my question, as i am new to posting to codeproject, i have read the two guide lines, but maybe i am a slow thinker than others.

so, i will try to ask it again to make sure that i understood your answer:

I have several vbscript files, that manipulate SAP PowerDesigner objects to help in speeding and fixing huge number of objects in matter of seconds.

so, your answer of "No to not post it in codeproject", is because of the code related to PowerDesigner, or vbscript, or because it does not benefit a lot of people?

Regards, and sorry for my slow thinking.