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Comments by Andrea Simonassi (Top 3 by date)

Andrea Simonassi 19-Oct-16 1:47am View    
Reason for my vote of 2 \n I agree goto is not evil in some cases, but it is evil in 99.9% of cases. Last time I had to use it it was long time ago with C language and only as a shortcut to cleanup subroutines. Anyway I won't blame who use a goto to quit a deeply nested loop in some circumstances.

But your reasons "goto is the same as a function call" it is not correct, in my opinion, because, even at programmable hardware level, they behave quite differently: a CALL instruction write on the stack the return address that is automatically used from the RET instruction, while JMP don't.
Andrea Simonassi 26-Feb-16 6:49am View    
I'd use MaskedTextBox instead of TextBox, various implementation exists depending on environment (web, forms, wpf, ...).
Andrea Simonassi 26-Feb-16 6:22am View    
In my opinion the error cannot be in the code you posted, that code cannot corrupt the managed heap; maybe other parts of your code is using marshaling, pinvoke or unsafe code, you should look there.