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Comments by Ian Good (Top 9 by date)

Ian Good 25-Aug-11 20:05pm View    
hey thanks for the 5

Regions are pretty wacky; You can change a Form's Region any way you see fit as well, so you can come up with a very unique user interface for your application, which could be a quirky fun feature for clients, or simply annoying :P
Ian Good 22-May-11 1:30am View    
The way extension methods are declared using the "this" keyword (for the first parameter) allows us to call the function as if it were a public method of that class.
This example will work with any string--both variables & constant values.
string myString = "Two";
EnumOne result = myString.ParseEnum<EnumOne>(true);
Ian Good 11-Apr-11 19:54pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Wish I needed to use this somewhere :)
Ian Good 22-Mar-11 18:07pm View    
here's an image showing the errors from dragging partially off screen & resizing the picture box
Ian Good 21-Mar-11 22:16pm View    
Reason for my vote of 1
this demo quickly breaks down when the picture box needs to redraw itself, causing undesired results and errors