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Comments by Sudip Saha (Top 30 by date)

Sudip Saha 5-Dec-12 3:25am View
Try it GetId(
Sudip Saha 16-Mar-12 0:40am View
I think form authentication,role, is given and you are not authencated user thats why .. check web config and verify
Sudip Saha 15-Mar-12 5:44am View
Check in IIS level is there set session time lessthan the default 20 min
Sudip Saha 14-Mar-12 8:24am View
Use it myImageButton.Attributes["onclick"] =
"javascript:EvImageOverChange(this, 'in');";
Sudip Saha 6-Mar-12 0:22am View
then use it
Sudip Saha 5-Mar-12 0:43am View
What is error you are having ...please mention in question
Sudip Saha 2-Mar-12 6:49am View
Then create data table and fill that datatable what ever you want and bind with that...
Sudip Saha 2-Mar-12 2:53am View
What is your Question Here, are u getting any error here .. which error you are getting
Sudip Saha 1-Mar-12 3:40am View
use TxtBoxEdit.Text.Trim()
Sudip Saha 24-Feb-12 4:43am View
CDo the view source of the page when it is running
and check what is the value is set with Visible attribute

Visible='<%# bool.Parse((ddlProducts.Items.Count==0).ToString())%>'
Sudip Saha 24-Feb-12 0:13am View
What is the error you are getting in Server.
Sudip Saha 21-Feb-12 6:23am View
Yes no one has any idea about ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Please Search in Google to get your answer
Sudip Saha 21-Feb-12 5:59am View
Please more clear your question
Sudip Saha 21-Feb-12 4:48am View
i have used as temp table use ur table and remove drop table #test from the statement use only select Row_number() OVER(order by TestCase) AS id, TestCase, SUM(ExecutionTime) FROM [your table name ]GROUP BY TestCase
in our SP
Sudip Saha 20-Feb-12 6:57am View
Please paste your sample code here
Sudip Saha 17-Feb-12 2:39am View
I have not any idea about free provider if you get any plz

send me information about the provider /Or Free API at
Sudip Saha 16-Feb-12 0:51am View
Hope that link will help you
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 7:29am View
your dropdownlist control is in gridvie?
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 7:01am View
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 5:26am View
This 4channle.aspx page
is different sub folder and your path is not correct
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 5:09am View
Not Clear
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 2:15am View
Then do one thing in the 2nd page load event with in !ispostback keep that session variable =null
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 2:14am View
Then do one thing in the 2nd page load event with in !ispostback keep that session variable =null
Sudip Saha 13-Feb-12 5:53am View
Your requirement is not clear
Sudip Saha 13-Feb-12 5:19am View
Can you please check your master page see if there more than form tag
Sudip Saha 1-Feb-12 3:35am View
Its a basic search in net how to connect data base using ADO.Net
Sudip Saha 31-Jan-12 0:36am View
Please talk with new company regarding the same, if your new company can't undersatnd you problem then plz dont go there becoz many company has more than 2 months notice period,if the selected company really want to take you then they should undersatnd your problem.
Sudip Saha 30-Jan-12 5:00am View
You can use cache variable
Sudip Saha 30-Jan-12 4:44am View
Can you please host the site in different application pool If your application pool using by many web site then that kind of problem happening