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Comments by Chandrasekharan P (Top 121 by date)

Chandrasekharan P 2-Jul-14 1:43am View    
This link should give you some light.
Chandrasekharan P 26-Jul-12 6:42am View    
I tried it with the data you gave and below is the output that i am getting

PERFORM op1 op2 op3

PERFORM op4 op5 op6

i did not put PERFORM op7 op8 and op9 in the text file.
Chandrasekharan P 26-Jul-12 4:16am View    
Question not clear, Please elaborate.
Chandrasekharan P 26-Jul-12 4:12am View    
We tried the same program. It works for me. Can you send me some of the lines in your Test3.txt file.
Chandrasekharan P 2-Jul-12 4:19am View    
Ok. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and write the program. If you are expecting people here to do it for you, you are in the wrong place.