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enhzflep 9-Jun-22 19:44pm View     CRLF
I'd then turn around and point out the fact you can use a linked list when memory is fragmented and there isn't a contiguous section of memory large enough to hold the data. Linked-lists and arrays are nothing like one-another, no?
enhzflep 9-Jun-22 11:12am View    
Exactly my point. ;)
enhzflep 9-Jun-22 11:00am View     CRLF
I could re-create the functionality of an STL container to achieve the same result as if I'd used one. Is this beyond you? (I know it's not) Hint: Linked list or Tree.
enhzflep 9-Jun-22 10:57am View     CRLF
The thing that immediately stands out to me is that reasonable, efficient use of an array requires one to know the number of elements first. Neither insertion-sort nor tree-sort have this limitation. Neither of em need an array either. :p But without more info from the OP, one can only guess at the aim of the exercise. I could see such a question asked to learners serving any one of a number of purposes.
enhzflep 14-Aug-21 8:30am View    
Nah, but I've often used the 's' prefixed versions of each. sprintf and sscanf are both rather useful. And to be pedantic... since console mode applications run under a gui OS these days, actually yeah - you would (I do) use them both in a "Windows app". (Of course I know(?) that's not what you meant)