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ShilpiP 3-Nov-11 8:47am View
Compiler automatically created default constructor if you are not creating any constructor else not.
ShilpiP 20-Sep-11 2:18am View
Correct +5 !! I am late :)
ShilpiP 20-Sep-11 2:17am View
Perfect Answer !! +5
ShilpiP 11-Sep-11 7:57am View
Thanks Dr. Luiji. :)
ShilpiP 27-Jul-11 7:29am View
ShilpiP 25-Jul-11 5:27am View
Welcome !!
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 6:40am View
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 6:15am View
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 5:42am View
Haha :)
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 5:13am View
Shilpi :)
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 5:10am View
Are you talking about transliteration? Example:
aap kaise hain -> आप कैसे हैं
or translation
how are you -> आप कैसे हैं ??
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 4:57am View
hahaha. You understand it in a wrong way. That was a PJ (Poor Joke) :).Specially for this thread I was getting angry for OP comment. One more thing some people here genuinely wants to help others and for me, you are the one :). Your answer always have a standard. :)
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 2:26am View
Actually I am feeling bad about his behavior to talk with senior. But your comment makes me smile. Perfect comment :) Have my 5 for your comment not your answer ;)
ShilpiP 5-Jul-11 1:16am View
No ... I just want to realize that guy that Google search will give n number of answer ...
I think you didn't see my above comment.
"How can you talk like that? No one is here to do your work. You have to come with your code and with specific problem."
ShilpiP 4-Jul-11 3:17am View
ShilpiP 4-Jul-11 3:10am View
How can you talk like that? No one is here to do your work. You have to come with your code and with specific problem.
ShilpiP 29-Jun-11 4:24am View
Most Welcome :)
ShilpiP 23-Jun-11 5:50am View
Thanks Sandeep :)
ShilpiP 23-Jun-11 5:40am View
Please share your code write data in file.
ShilpiP 20-Jun-11 2:52am View
Manually saving steps ??? If you want to create your file with UTF-8 than you must add these BOM character at the start of file else file is not saved in UTF-8 format.
ShilpiP 18-Jun-11 2:49am View
Great ... have five... I am trying this solution with global variable but every time it shows cout as undeclared identifier.. :)
ShilpiP 8-Jun-11 5:13am View
What is the error ? Please share some code to understand what is the problem.
ShilpiP 8-Jun-11 3:22am View
Thanks for 5. I was unaware of your discussion. Let me check.
ShilpiP 7-Jun-11 3:36am View
You deserve +5 :)
ShilpiP 3-Jun-11 7:52am View
Hi Sakryukov, I have one doubt regarding your second link. How can it be possible to Transliterate English to Hindi. Quite confusing. I have a knowledge of scripts of 11 Indian language and for last 5 year, I am working in Language & Technology. Transliteration of Indian languages is done by me but seriously I don't understand the second link. Please explain :) Thanks in Advance.
ShilpiP 3-Jun-11 1:13am View
Most welcome....
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 9:34am View
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 7:22am View
Yes It works. Thanks.
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 5:23am View
Hi Sandeep,
The Third link shows
string orig = "喂 Hello 谢谢 Thank You";

It means that I can use Unicode string without changing the value to hexadecimal.
string orig = "क्क"; is okie.
Am I correct ??
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 1:30am View
It means that if I store the array like
string[] arr = new string[] { "\x0915\x094D\x0915", "\x0915\x094D\x0915" }; is okie
or arr = new string[] { "क्क", "क्क" };
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 1:30am View
It means that if I store the array like
string[] arr = new string[] { "\x0915\x094D\x0915", "\x0915\x094D\x0915" }; is okie
or arr = new string[] { "क्क", "क्क" };
ShilpiP 1-Jun-11 1:22am View
+ 5 :)
ShilpiP 27-May-11 3:03am View
+5 :)
ShilpiP 26-May-11 8:21am View
Yes I know that's why send you the link :).
ShilpiP 26-May-11 7:04am View
See the OP previous question

Actually he wants to create a directory but before creating he wants to check that directory is exist or not.
ShilpiP 26-May-11 6:33am View
Did you check the MSDN link and properly read it ?? No
If you are using SHCreateDirectoryEx, CreateDirectory and your directory is already exist than you receive an error message: ERROR_FILE_EXISTS.
If you want to create file recursively than use
ShilpiP 26-May-11 3:05am View
OP on the Codeguru forum.

See the OP response: here is the working one, an adaptation of GCDEF code, a lot of thanks for you!! :D :D :D
ShilpiP 26-May-11 3:00am View
+ 5 for you answer :)
ShilpiP 26-May-11 2:59am View
See the OP response:
here is the working one, an adaptation of GCDEF code, a lot of thanks for you!! :D :D :D

I am not sure about it and that's why I ask this question to Nithin.
ShilpiP 26-May-11 2:57am View
No I am not trying it. I just read the url that I give you and here the OP tells that it is working.
I am confused so I asked you about this.
Thanks for your reply.
ShilpiP 26-May-11 2:45am View
It is necessary?? I checked one link "" and without appending a null character it is working.
Please explain.
Thanks in advance.
ShilpiP 26-May-11 1:35am View
Thanks SAKryukov :)
ShilpiP 26-May-11 0:54am View
Thanks Laxmikant :)
ShilpiP 25-May-11 4:58am View
No you are using "INSTALLFLAG_FORCE". It means you are are forcefully install the driver even if the latest version is already install. try to check error using GetLastError when your function return false.
DWORD dwErrCode = GetLastError();

Check the value of dwErrCode.
ShilpiP 25-May-11 0:38am View
Perfect !! My 5+
ShilpiP 25-May-11 0:24am View
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 25-May-11 0:24am View
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 24-May-11 5:52am View
Your points are not clear to me. If these files are in a same directory than also It will work properly. No need to copy files in a different directory.
Check the [Manufacturer] of .inf file. Is it compatible to 64 bit OS??
ShilpiP 24-May-11 3:03am View
I missed the line that OS is 64 bit.
1) Did you execute your Visual Studio IDE using Visual Studio <****> (**** means 2005, 2008, 2010) x64 Cross Tools Command Prompt.
2) Did you change the configuration to x64 for 64 bit OS using configuration manager.
Check this link ->
ShilpiP 24-May-11 2:57am View
+5, I missed the line of 64 bit OS. :)
ShilpiP 24-May-11 1:15am View
Yes it is enough. I did File and Shell association for all operating system (XP, Windows 7 and Vista)and have idea about it.For me, your answer is perfect.

ShilpiP 24-May-11 1:09am View
I asked you two more questions. Is m_hWnd is string type and Is m_infname is full path of file name ??
ShilpiP 24-May-11 1:07am View
Thanks Stefan :)
ShilpiP 23-May-11 2:56am View
Nice explanation. Have +5 :)
ShilpiP 20-May-11 2:14am View
Hi Vinayak,
1) Your command is like "C:\\Windows\\System32\\cscipt.exe E:\\mof.vbs".
Is your executalbe is using "E:\\mof.vbs" as an argument??
ShilpiP 19-May-11 9:33am View
The tip is Converting ANSI to Unicode and vice versa. With the help of these api we can convert ansi to unicode.
ShilpiP 19-May-11 5:48am View
Cpallini is right. we cannot used in VC6.0. If you are using MFC than you don't get this error.
This you can check in project properties->genral.There is one label Microsoft Foundation Class.
One solution what i did in VC6.0 is using basic_string. it have both string and wstring.
ShilpiP 19-May-11 5:39am View
Oh yes, I am doing this in VS2005. Thanks
ShilpiP 19-May-11 4:49am View
Good Answer + 5
ShilpiP 16-May-11 2:00am View
Nice explanation, +5
ShilpiP 16-May-11 1:57am View
Share code and try to elaborate your problem.
ShilpiP 10-May-11 9:18am View
No one mistake I found in my code is using assignment instead of ==
if(m_sFrom.GetAt(a) == '@')
return true;
ShilpiP 10-May-11 9:07am View
Generally this error comes if Visual Studio IDE is not open in admin mode.
If you are using Windows 7 than open your Visual studio IDE with admin rights. Right click the VS ide and select option run as administrator. Now your Visual studio is open than open your project and build it.
ShilpiP 10-May-11 8:46am View
I am updating your solution please check.
ShilpiP 10-May-11 8:38am View
Oh !! These are all buttons. Take one bool value bShift = false as a member variable. When shift key is pressed than bShift will be true and if "a" button is pressed than check if bShift is true than send "A".
ShilpiP 10-May-11 6:25am View
Are you working on Windows 7??
ShilpiP 10-May-11 0:58am View
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 9-May-11 4:32am View
I know but it is an alternative solution. I always use CreateProcess to execute an exe.
anyways thanks.
ShilpiP 9-May-11 4:01am View
Nice +5
ShilpiP 9-May-11 3:49am View
Nice +5... :)
ShilpiP 14-Apr-11 7:52am View
Yes I understand :)
Reason: There is one executable that user want to run on Windows 7 and later version but if it is executed on XP than it crashes because to execute this application some framework is to be present in system. In Windows 7 it is present by default but in XP it is not.One solution is we can create a vc++ application that first check that is OS is Windows 7 or not. If it is not than just display a MessageBox and exit, else execute that executable. It is a worst case scenario but if we do not find any solution than we can do by this.
ShilpiP 14-Apr-11 6:22am View
Do you have any solution?? My requirement is that I have to embed an Executable in my resource file and than execute it. Its an R&D for me ...
If you have than please suggest me :)
ShilpiP 14-Apr-11 5:46am View
Hi Richard,

Thanks for your answer. My problem is solved now and I am updating my question also.
Thanks again...
ShilpiP 14-Apr-11 2:08am View
I smiled on your reply ... There is no quoted text in comment box... so I just copied your message ... :)
ShilpiP 14-Apr-11 1:44am View
Well, I want a world tour next month. How is that? :)
ShilpiP 11-Apr-11 23:42pm View
ShilpiP 18-Mar-11 0:55am View
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 16-Mar-11 9:15am View
Didn't get your point actually. In my MFC application, if I change the language locale than my label and button text changed ?? quite confused.
ShilpiP 16-Mar-11 9:14am View
Hi Sandeep,
Thanks for the links, I will update you after implementing the same :)
Have my 5.
ShilpiP 14-Mar-11 2:45am View
Yes Unicode char broken in this site...
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 13:26pm View
?d??uo? buiz??? (: ??i ?ob
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 6:59am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Its really nice. I create the html page and check it. One one question is in my mind is How did PomperBoy do this in CP link?? Please explain.
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 6:02am View
No The reason was not Hiren. Even he helped me once when I don't find any solution and He was the person whom I tell that I am feeling frustating when this discussion comes. :).Please check the link this is for you :)
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 0:58am View
Done ... The spelling of line was linet.gif and in HTML it is line.gif.
Really very nice :) now i check your previous tip also :)...
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 0:56am View
It display the bob but line image is not displayed. Path of line image and html is at same place.
ShilpiP 10-Mar-11 0:19am View
Silly question but how do i achieve it ??? I was not working on any script and HTML :( so can you please create a sample project and show it :)
+5 for nice concept.
ShilpiP 23-Feb-11 5:41am View
You deserve +5 :)
ShilpiP 22-Feb-11 3:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Beneficial Information.
ShilpiP 18-Feb-11 0:49am View
Humm :)
ShilpiP 18-Feb-11 0:18am View
Repost :)
ShilpiP 18-Feb-11 0:18am View
Edited link but it is not displayed properly.
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 7:42am View
Did you free all your heap memory ?? Program may crash if you are not properly deallocate your memory that you initialize.
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 4:59am View
Most welcome... :)
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 4:35am View
okk just send him a release exe. It will working fine ans second most important thing if you are using MFC than select USE MFC IN A STATIC LIBRARY, else he get the side by side configuration is incorrect. :)
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 4:20am View
1) I think you send him a debug exe not release one.
2) If your application is MFC based than choose option "use mfc in a static library".
Try this, I hope it works.
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 1:52am View
Its ok :) Thanks
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 0:37am View
Well described... :) +5
ShilpiP 17-Feb-11 0:03am View
No I reply to him.. I don't receive this message in my inbox and he replied for my reply :)...
ShilpiP 16-Feb-11 13:19pm View
I am not repeating any one answer. Please check.
SHGetFolderPath and SHGetSpecialFolderPath is different...and that's why i write also an alternative answer.
ShilpiP 15-Feb-11 5:33am View
Is your problem solved?? Did you get all registry value ??
ShilpiP 14-Feb-11 7:47am View
Nice catch :)
ShilpiP 14-Feb-11 3:44am View
Yes I also thought about stringstream as I commonly used it but I just explain him his problem and you think out of the box and give him another solution.
ShilpiP 14-Feb-11 3:26am View
Good Answer :). Have 5 ...
ShilpiP 14-Feb-11 0:26am View
There is one tool Sysinternal. Search this on net and execute it than filter it with operation "SetRegistryValue" and than set manually the file with Window Media player. Now you will get all the registry value to set for particular file. Now do set all there registry value programatically.
ShilpiP 11-Feb-11 12:15pm View
Did you mean File Association ??
ShilpiP 4-Feb-11 1:55am View
Yes actually i found the way to execute the msi file with MFC based application and i found one Windows installer api. now i got one MsiInstallProduct to install a msi. I am working on it. Hope it works.
Give me suggestion if i am wrong :)
Thanks for your feedback.
ShilpiP 4-Feb-11 1:41am View
Thanks Andrew, I have done it on MFC :) Thanks for your kind support. I dont have one more 5 for you as I voted you 5 already:(
ShilpiP 1-Feb-11 6:13am View
Hi Andrew Thanks for your reply. Got your point now.
BTW I am using MFC based application and I have to execute all process without showing their UI.
ShilpiP 1-Feb-11 4:51am View
Hi Andrew, Sorry for late reply. Actually i was working for some other project and not able to implement it. So today i do this but when i execute it that my application hangs and when i checked it on task mgr than its status is not responding. I am sending you the source code

LPCWSTR lpApplicationName = L"D:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cleanmgr.exe";
LPWSTR lpCommandLine = L" /d C:";
DWORD dwCode = 0;

BOOL bInheritHandles = FALSE;
LPVOID lpEnvironment = NULL;
LPCWSTR lpCurrentDirectory = NULL;

STARTUPINFO StartupInfo = { 0 };
PROCESS_INFORMATION ProcessInfo = { 0 };
ZeroMemory( &StartupInfo, sizeof(StartupInfo) );
StartupInfo.cb = sizeof(StartupInfo);
ZeroMemory( &ProcessInfo, sizeof(ProcessInfo) );

StartupInfo.wShowWindow = SW_HIDE;

if (::CreateProcess(lpApplicationName,
while(WAIT_OBJECT_0 !=WaitForSingleObject(ProcessInfo.hProcess,INFINITE))
MSG msg;
while (PeekMessage(&msg,NULL,0,0,PM_REMOVE))
GetExitCodeProcess ( ProcessInfo.hProcess, &dwCode);

ShilpiP 31-Jan-11 3:18am View
Hi Indivara,
Thank you so much for your feedback. I will update it asap.
Thanks again.
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 6:52am View
Good :)
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 6:51am View
HRESULT GetRegistryValue(HKEY hOpenKey,LPCTSTR szKey,LPCTSTR szValue,LPVOID szData, DWORD dwLength,DWORD dwType)
if( !hOpenKey || !szKey || !szKey[0] || !szValue || !szData || dwLength<0 )
LONG lRetVal = -1;
HKEY hTempKey = (HKEY)0;

if((lRetVal = RegOpenKeyEx(hOpenKey, szKey, 0,KEY_READ , &hTempKey))== ERROR_SUCCESS)
lRetVal = RegQueryValueEx(hTempKey,szValue,NULL,&dwType,(LPBYTE)szData,&dwLength);
hTempKey = (HKEY)0;
return lRetVal;

LPBYTE pByteData = new BYTE[dwLength];
CString strPath = _T("");
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 6:44am View
Please don't write your comment in answer section.
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 5:13am View
Sorry i didn't check that the tag of my question is edited and it change the sense. Please check the question again. Thanks :)
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 5:02am View
Dalek: Due to more edit of my quesiton,its sense is changed now. Its a part of my question that can we get the time. My main question is that if user select multiple task and click on some button than process start one by one. How can we acheive this??
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 3:29am View
Ok i understand your point now can it be possible that if some process start with some task than when its task completed than i get the message or handle so that i launch another application.
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 2:37am View
No the scenario is like that: In a dialog based application some task is given with check boxes, user select the check boxes which task he want to perform and click ok now application starts with first task and when that task is completed than run for another task. For example disk cleanup, disk fragmentation etc.
It is quite tricky :) but i have to do it and if possible i have to find the time when that task is completed that is shown in dialog box.
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 2:16am View
You didn't get my point. Process is not ending but when the task that is given to the process is completed. For example when i execute the disk clean up and when clean up is completed than it shows the message that the task is completed. Process of disk cleanup is still in taskmgr but the task of process is completed. How do i know that it is completed.
ShilpiP 25-Jan-11 2:09am View
Remaining time when process complete it task. Main thing is that how do i know that the process doing its task is completed so that i execute another process.
ShilpiP 21-Jan-11 0:17am View
Hi cPallini,
Thanks for your reply. I understand where i was wrong :).
ShilpiP 21-Jan-11 0:15am View
Hi Andrew Brock,
Thanks for your reply. Now i understand where i was wrong. :) Here is my code
for (itMMAppTime =mmAppTime.begin(); itMMAppTime != mmAppTime.end();)
// you have to do this because iterators are invalidated
ITMMAPPTIME erase_iter = itMMAppTime++;
1) Sorry I forgot to remove break, That was just to check that if only one multimap value is there and it is deleted than crash appear or when it check for next iteration.
3)That is my mistake actually it is incremented twice.
Thank you so much :) You deserve a 5 and your answer is accepted :)
ShilpiP 18-Jan-11 7:18am View
Yes I know this way also but working on Brew, I have to manage many configuration so its a kind of copy paste and the instinct answer comes in my mind was to update dsp file. Thanks :)
ShilpiP 9-Jan-11 23:54pm View
Err ?? You can convert the int to string using
CString str;
int x;

x =6;
str.Format("%d", x);

and using SetWindowText you can display the string in Label. I mean to say that if you are using Static control as label.
ShilpiP 7-Jan-11 12:49pm View
Added code block.
ShilpiP 7-Jan-11 2:26am View

Check this link...
ShilpiP 7-Jan-11 2:23am View
I found that you have eagerness to learn things :) keep it up...
ShilpiP 4-Jan-11 2:12am View
Nops my question was the same but i found the another solution to solve it. I create the file and create a zip but instead of sending it to server, i delete the file because if user uninstall the service than the data is not to be send to server is ok. I tell this solution to my senior and he is agree with that.
ShilpiP 4-Jan-11 0:17am View
Hi Venkatesh,
FYI The issue is resolved now. I don't send the file to server during uninstallation, Just delete the file in my code.
Thanks for your support :)
ShilpiP 3-Jan-11 8:15am View
IF you try to explain, what you have done than also someone help you.
You tried the same with GetUserName, now you don't mention that what is getting wrong with that. You just send your code. No one is getting that what is your problem.
ShilpiP 3-Jan-11 7:14am View
I also told him but he re post the same again and again.
ShilpiP 3-Jan-11 7:05am View
Yes i also suggest you the same. There are two ways to solve it either add 4 mfc dll (don't know the name) with your package or statically link the dll :). Anyways now it doesn't matter.
ShilpiP 31-Dec-10 0:30am View
Change your tag type to c#.
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 6:28am View
Its not your problem, its a problem of all IT people because it is hard to find out the problem if it is multiplatform.. Same i am facing now. :) The soap is writtern in .net so i am unable to debug that part. i just get error information instead. Anyways thanks for your support.
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 6:06am View
Did you run your application as an admin or set RequireAdministrator ??
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 5:18am View
No my service is not sending an email. It creates a soap client using WSDL and call one function that is SaveThrackingLog. i receive the response if file is send than i delete the files but if it is failed to send than i dont delete the file. During uninstallation i receive an unknown error. :)
CServicesT<csoapwinhttpclient> objService;
HRESULT hServRes = objService.SaveTrackingLog(bstrBase64Data,&AggResp);
if(AggResp.ResponseType == Services::Success)
DeleteFile(; //If Success then Deleting File
if(hServRes == S_OK && AggResp.ResponseType != Services::Success)
WriteLog(m_strLogFile,_T("SendLogstoServer(Response recieved by AggResp)"),AggResp.Response);

Its like this :)
hahaha yes you are write that it is difficult but i think both are microsoft technologies and the base for both the technology is same, the api and all. So it is not hard to understand the things. Do you have any problem with vc++ guys :)). I dont mind if you have :)
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 4:56am View
You didnt get my point i think. During uninstallation when service uninstall the setup get message first that service is uninstalled and the setup done its next task but the service is creating setups and all. thats why the zip files created by service is not installed.
I am a vc++ developer not .net developer :). The setup is created in .net only. :)
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 3:44am View
This i done before deleting the service but i failed.
ShilpiP 29-Dec-10 2:59am View
Hi Venkatesh,
Thanks for your answer :)
Yes very true but the code is written in setup that send these files to server and delete the files during uninstalltion. Setup will take care of it.
Solution 1:
Not possible the name of zip file is not the same always because n number of zips are created.
Solution 2)Main application is written in win32. IN setup the code during uninstalling the service is written "uninstall" and property is set as wait.(I dont know the property wait here :()
3) Yes that code is written in my code also. I did the same thing but failed when i send logs to server.SendLogToServer is done via service and thats why the code is writtern in server.

One think i do is there is SERVICE_STATUS function that have one value dwWaitHint. I set this value to dwWaitHint = 30000, but now the service is uninstall and the status is on services.msc is started and the service is deleted :). Do you have any other solution ???
again thanks for the reply .
ShilpiP 24-Dec-10 4:11am View
cin is istream object

basic_istream Members are get and getline
get: Reads one or more characters from the input stream.
getline: Reads a line from the input stream.

you are using basic_string in your code it has the api with name getline
this api is declared in
using namespace std;

Now please search on net and find out the difference of get and getline.
getline in istream and getline in basic_string. :)
ShilpiP 24-Dec-10 1:54am View
cin.getline(ch,256); is ok if you are using char pointer and if you are using std::string than it is better you use std::getline.
ShilpiP 24-Dec-10 0:57am View
Why did you always write question in a answer column?? Some one down vote you for this.
ShilpiP 23-Dec-10 1:55am View
Nops,my requirement is:
1) Get all the process information of Internet Explorer that is currently running. This i can achieve with CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, OpenProcess, Process32First,Process32Next. Using these API I also get the HANDLE of process.
2)Whatever information of iexplore i need is now stored in struct variable. Name of process, Process id, Process parent id. Now i want the Class Name of process using GetClassName. for this i want the HWND not Handle.
In my code i get the HWND but when i call the function GetClassName than it is not succeded and give me error message.
GetClassName failed HRESULT is:998 Error Message:Invalid access to memory location.
This error message comes if HWND what i get is not the handle of iExplore.
Now i think i am clear to you... :)
ShilpiP 22-Dec-10 0:44am View
Please specify which symbol is unresolved or update question with error message that you receive.
ShilpiP 22-Dec-10 0:27am View
+5 :)
ShilpiP 22-Dec-10 0:21am View
Please read the question again.I want HWND not HANDLE. I Mention it in my question.
ShilpiP 21-Dec-10 8:08am View
Please update your question and explain the exact problem.
ShilpiP 21-Dec-10 4:15am View
Did you check if you restart your computer than the icon of virtual folder changed ??
ShilpiP 20-Dec-10 3:44am View
No you didnt get my point.
With this example the user get the thread id and caption of ie. what my concern is how do i know is that process is tabbed window or new window.
I will send you the sample code via mail and explain the rest.
ShilpiP 17-Dec-10 3:58am View
Do one thing go to
Aditional Library Directory "Path of library"
Addition Dependency "xyz.lib"
Additional Include Directory "Path of include directory .h file"
ShilpiP 17-Dec-10 3:39am View
What if compiler are not modern than which statement execute faster??
ShilpiP 16-Dec-10 4:24am View
Good answer :)
ShilpiP 16-Dec-10 0:35am View
Hi Richard,
Thanks for ur reply.
All drawing is done in WM_PAINT. Application have 6 buttons when click on buttons image is displayed on Picture control. Picture control is dynamically created.
If picture is large than scrolling is enabled.
on WM_PAINT all painting is done.
For button there is a class that load the image and paint the button.
EnglishBtn.LoadFromRec(IDB_BITMAP_SR);// Image in button is loaded from resource
EnglishBtn.Paint();// Paint button.
I write the code of InvalidateRect when
1) Button is clicked and image is displayed.
2) User scroll the picture.
Everything working fine when i click on button, scroll the image etc. But when i execute the command prompt and move quickly than that portion displayed gray.
Now please tell me where i am wrong :(
Thanks again.
ShilpiP 15-Dec-10 4:59am View
I remove the code WM_ERASEBKGNG and use CreateProcess but problem remains the same. Please check the edited code.
ShilpiP 15-Dec-10 4:57am View
Yae i know but i dont find another solution than i implement this code. Do you have any solution ??
ShilpiP 7-Dec-10 4:52am View
MSDN Link for capture video using Direct Show:

Capturing Video to a file
ShilpiP 6-Dec-10 0:55am View
You are Genius :) +5.
ShilpiP 3-Dec-10 14:51pm View
Hi Eugen,
The problem is solved now.I pass the dlg handle to that function :) Thanks again..
ShilpiP 3-Dec-10 14:48pm View
Hey its done now Thanks :)
ShilpiP 3-Dec-10 14:02pm View
Dear Eugen Podsypalnikov ,
Thanks for your reply.
No the function ThreadProc is not like that in my condition :((
YouData cdata;
Yourdata is a class that open file, read the content and update it in a list and that list i get here and display it in a list control.
there is no while loop in my threadproc.if it is so than it is very easy for me to implement.
ShilpiP 3-Dec-10 8:51am View
Hi Thaddeus Jones,
Thanks for your reply. There is one more thing i missed to share is that the reading is done in another class not in dialog class..i create object of that class and call that function :) Sorry its my mistake.
I set my range and position in oninitdialog :) but now handle goes to another class when function call.
ShilpiP 1-Dec-10 2:14am View
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 1-Dec-10 1:57am View
Thanks Thaddeus,
It works :)
ShilpiP 29-Nov-10 1:08am View
Hi Emilio,
Yes the file is wdm.h but when i include this than redefinition error comes in project, because ntddk and winnt together creates the problem. but i find one solution. i dont know it is feasible but i compile my code :).
ShilpiP 29-Nov-10 0:45am View
Hi Randor, Thank you sooooooooooo much :)
I was unhappy when i read that ntddk and winnt together creates the problem and i switch to WTL but when you give me hint i checked it once and add wdm.h in my file but receives many error. Than i only #define DEVICE_TYPE in ntddstor and magically it works :))
I dont know it is a good solution but i compile my code without any error.I thought than it is impossible to use MFC with winddk but now it is possible. Thanks again.
ShilpiP 25-Nov-10 13:31pm View
Hi thanks for ur reply .. but this i already did but the size remains same :(( please check the link that i had given with my question.
ShilpiP 25-Nov-10 5:39am View
Hi Thanks again,
Yae i know but the size of executable can be reduced up to 600 to 700 kb.The URL that i have given with my question does the same but i am not succeeded :(. something is missing :(
If i dont found any solution than i work on alternate solution obviously :)
Thanks :)
ShilpiP 25-Nov-10 5:16am View
Hi Sauro Viti,
Thanks for ur reply.
I did the same but the size is reduced from 1.61 mb to 1.60 mb.
ShilpiP 25-Nov-10 4:43am View
Hi ARopo,
Thanks for your reply. but it is not a feasible solution to distribute mfc dll.
Do you know the compiler option mentioned in your answer??
ShilpiP 24-Nov-10 7:39am View
Please check the tag its c++ and MFC and second my problem is not that is given in that link.
ShilpiP 18-Nov-10 8:59am View
For your kind information without using it i am not put the question here ...
I tried it and get the path using API GetDeviceDriverFileName. but it gives the registered image name not full path of Driver on XP and i also try to implement SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty but fail.
BTW why you downvote me ...
ShilpiP 16-Nov-10 11:35am View
Good :)
ShilpiP 16-Nov-10 8:44am View
Did you implement the Com elevation moniker in your project. if not than check the sample "" MyElevatedCom
You have to add code in .rgs file on your com component and for client side to call com component instead of using cocreateinstance you have to call cocreateinstanceasadmin.
ShilpiP 16-Nov-10 4:10am View
Is your application is ATL COM based app??
ShilpiP 15-Nov-10 13:56pm View
I dont think so ... i had created a service and i am able to see the logs when service is running on windows 7, vista.
ShilpiP 3-Nov-10 8:23am View
Nops this is not the acceptable solution
Please try this cbRequest= (wcslen(message)+1)*sizeof(wchar_t *);