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Comments by henur (Top 2 by date)

henur 3-Jul-11 5:26am View
Ok :-)

Maybe it's stupid....

I am open for suggestions. Let me describe the needs instead.

I have stopwatches (maybe severals) starting in a application.
As long as the applications runs i have no problem to pause and restart.
However.....when the application closes for the workingday and then starts next time i need to show the stopwatches and restart with saved values(milliseconds or ticks....) but as i understand it, i cant set values to a stopwatch.

So...i the object-read it back- and restart.

But as i said...i am open for suggestions.

With Kind Regards

henur 30-Jun-11 8:39am View
Well...i tried following
Stopwatch stw = (Stopwatch)(reader["sw"]); (I use MySql)
but then i get error: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Byte[]' to type 'System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch'.

So...i dont know how to get further.