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Frederico Barbosa 6-Nov-12 8:55am View    
In that case you really have to dig into win 32 coding... find the window by name and then change its settings.

Here's the solution in c++:

If you want to do it in C# you have to declare the functions like this:

public static extern void SetWindowPos(IntPtr hwnd, IntPtr hwndInsertAfter,
int X, int Y, int width, int height, uint flags);

check this project for more on this:
Frederico Barbosa 5-Nov-12 8:00am View    
Never felt the need to do it... but there's an entry about it in
Frederico Barbosa 31-Oct-12 5:22am View    
The first one is exactly what you are looking for (copy/paste is all you need).
Frederico Barbosa 30-Oct-12 8:23am View    
The price may have decimal points, albeit not shown in the example... so using double.TryParse() would be better.
Frederico Barbosa 30-Oct-12 7:58am View    
Or implement an interface with the methods/properties that your View needs to be able to show items. The point is, a Meeting and a Project must "look" the same to the view, otherwise you need to create a separate view for each type.