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Dinesh.V.Kumar 9-Jan-15 7:46am View    
You can not directly disable a control in a view from controller. You need to pass the model to the view. Based on the model data you can enable or disable the control.
Solution 1:

Assuming User is a model
User.Status = "success";
return View(postData, User);

In view
--add control set the disabled state here
--add control without disabled state.

Solution 2:
You can redirect to another view that shows the success message to the user so that the user cannot do anything in the previous view.

Hope this helps

Dinesh.V.Kumar 22-Sep-14 5:31am View    
In order to group by you need to have a aggregate function in the select part of the query.
for eg:
Select si.Date, si.SalaryId,er.EmpCode, er.FName, sum(si.salary) from bl_EmpRegistration er,tbl_SalaryInformation si where er.EmpCode=si.EmpCode and si.PartnerName='Pio' and er.PartnerName='Pio' group by si.Date, si.SalaryId,er.EmpCode, er.FName
Dinesh.V.Kumar 31-Jul-14 2:27am View    
Thanks --SA-
Dinesh.V.Kumar 31-Jul-14 2:23am View    
Try replacing NVARCHAR with varbinary datatype.
Dinesh.V.Kumar 28-Jul-14 1:32am View    
Thanks Champ!!For the idea.. I will take this path and see what happens..But is there any way to pass the user id and password to login to the site..?