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Kevinio 16-Sep-11 5:06am View    
Hi, i'm sorry i'm afraid I didn't. Due to time considerations in getting something up and running and in production I had to do a bit of a hack work around - never good I know! Basically within our virtualisation farm I set up a low powered machine that was running a client OS - Win 7 in this case - whose only purpose was to run this service. The service has been running pretty much without a hitch since I put it live about a month after I initially asked this question and hence I have had no pressing reason to go back to it. I know during my attempts I tried on both server 2008 and server 2003 and had no look on either. If you are doing something similar to me with the QT control have you considered trying an alternative product such as FFMPEG? This was my going to be my first choice but as we were working with Apple Pro Res encoded content it was not possible. I don't think this suite uses the clipboard so you may not have the same problems.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
Kevinio 25-Feb-11 6:22am View    
Hi thanks for the response. You were totally correct. I had mistakenly, and repeatedly missed (i hate rush coding), that the line of code building the folder / file paths was getting data using request.querystring. I moved the code so that the querystring parameter is passed in to the async method and now all is well.

Thanks again