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Comments by kosmoh (Top 5 by date)

kosmoh 16-Oct-12 13:09pm View    
Reason for my vote of 4
I think this finally-like clause is a really nice exercise for brain and for introduction of some of the new standard features. I just wanted to remind, what guru says about finally clause in C .
Maybe people who come to C from the world of Java or C# feel "finally starvation" - but it`s just a matter of habbit, and if you start using Straustrup`s technique, you might feel it even better than finally clause.
kosmoh 15-Aug-12 16:11pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5
I like your tips about multithreading applications debugging, after each of them I start using them actively. Thanks )
kosmoh 18-Jun-12 7:13am View    
Thanks for your code example: Mehdi mentioned AutoReset property, but I couldn`t understand it`s usage for my case.
Now it`s completely understandable for me, I hope, for other researchers also.
Thanks again :)
kosmoh 18-Jun-12 3:34am View    
Thanks for your response.
I`ve found such solution when googled. But what makes me confused is the situation, when the task is too time-consuming.

So, first time the Elapsed Thread acquired a lock, and started doing the task, which can take minutes. In 500 milliseconds the other thread appears, and it starts waiting for the lock. Then the other and other...
Isn`t that a problem?
kosmoh 25-Jan-12 2:12am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
...Once upon a time I needed such functionality. To meet it, I had to disassemble the dll file, then "hack" it - and assemble again. Thus I received an opportunity to call managed call from unmanaged. Your way is more simple :)