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Reiss 30-Jan-15 7:17am View
The OP has two different fields that they want to check against Cust_Name and CustID so your IN methodology won't work
Reiss 20-Dec-13 4:10am View
I am assuming that the reg object is not set, which means that it hasn't found the key at the path you have specified.
Reiss 2-May-12 7:07am View
You appear to be affectively spoofing a primary key - any reason why a standard PK won't solve your issue?
Reiss 19-Jan-12 11:30am View
Why not store the exe on file system and hold a reference to its location in the database?
Reiss 17-Jan-12 6:36am View
You can't add a second element directly to an xml docuemnt, it would need to be nested inside a single root element - I have modified my example to show you how this can be done
Reiss 17-Jan-12 4:50am View
This works for ints - the OP mentioned numbers although code shows he is trying to do it with ints, so may need to use the Double.TryParse method
Reiss 10-Jan-12 3:53am View
What platform are you using wpf,, winform etc?
Reiss 4-Jan-12 3:17am View
Do you need to account for multiple instances of either C or M, e.g. CdddMCssMMC
Reiss 23-Dec-11 5:18am View
+5 for links
Reiss 22-Dec-11 8:38am View
What is your target app written in, what automation framework are you using? - Use the Improve question widget to add some details to what you are trying to achieve.
Reiss 14-Dec-11 4:15am View
Just wondered why you are using vars when you know explicitly what type you are getting?
Reiss 7-Dec-11 3:26am View
The only thing I can suggest is that you update your question (using the improve question widget) to post the code for the method GetInsertDealSheetCommand() as that must be causing the issue
Reiss 6-Dec-11 4:50am View
Are you getting any error messages - if so update the question to add the details.
Reiss 2-Dec-11 4:02am View
What are the values in the cells before you try and parse/convert them?
Reiss 2-Dec-11 4:01am View
What are the values in the cells before you try and parse/convert them?
Reiss 30-Nov-11 10:26am View
Are you sure your top level control c is what you think it is, when using master pages, user controls etc the control collections get messy.

Also the formatting on your else if blocks is really nasty - put the if on the same line as the else
Reiss 29-Nov-11 10:52am View
I am with GG on this, for any site that involves transactions (not just finacial ones), testing on live is really really dangerous - you would have to reverse out, or stub out the endpoints - which kind of makes the testing obsolete
Reiss 29-Nov-11 10:50am View
my 5 - cleanest solution
Reiss 29-Nov-11 10:49am View
Reason for my vote of 3
works, just not elegant
Reiss 29-Nov-11 10:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1
totally unscalable
Reiss 29-Nov-11 3:54am View
Good article btw, now voted
Reiss 28-Nov-11 6:49am View
What are you struggling with? Getting a list of file names or the data binding or something else?
Reiss 28-Nov-11 5:37am View
Eduard Lu wrote:The best way to design your own application is to use the N-tier architecture - a very sweeping statement. In client - server apps this is often true, but the architecture used is dependant on what you are trying to achieve.
Reiss 28-Nov-11 5:32am View
Your title is misleading - your tip only illustrates how to read and write to the registry - which your app may not have privileges to do in any case
Reiss 24-Nov-11 3:17am View
Repost of a repost
Reiss 23-Nov-11 5:06am View
I would suggest it is because you are not calling your binddata() sub on the post back event
Reiss 23-Nov-11 4:10am View
Please don't repost your questions.
Reiss 23-Nov-11 3:40am View
The question wasn't about converting a string to an int but requiring that only numeric characters and a possible initial + sign be entered in the field, so there is no possible out-of-range exception that can be thrown by using a regex to validate the field. The method signature for int.TryParse also requires an out parameter of type int too, so it is
<pre lang="c#">
int t = 0;
bool valid = int.TryParse(myTextBox.value, out t);

whilst this would satisfy the rules required by the OP it would also falsely pass a negative value.

UK phone numbers couldn't be stored as an int as they start with a zero, which would be trimmed off automatically, and internationally they are too big to be stored as an int anyway e.g. +441234123456
Reiss 22-Nov-11 5:25am View
Have you checked that the query is working when run directly against the database via management studio? (Use the improve question widget if you need to amend the question to add extra info) [edit]Missed that bit
Reiss 21-Nov-11 5:59am View
What is the code in the receiving application? Use the Improve question widget to edit your question to add this detail.
Reiss 21-Nov-11 4:29am View
Given that you have got the code that retrieves the data captured by the ECG, then surely your question is how can I write a web application - all you are doing is putting a different UI on a business tier.
Reiss 21-Nov-11 3:56am View
In future please don't repost your question - if you first doesn't have enough detail, use the improve question widget to edit the question and add more details.
Reiss 18-Nov-11 9:02am View
What have you tried and what is the issue you are facing?
Reiss 18-Nov-11 4:47am View
True, but why make two calls to the database when you can do it in one - to me the title suggests that this is what the user is doing
Reiss 17-Nov-11 9:16am View
That takes me back - statistical mechanics was the pet subject of one of my lecturers at uni
Reiss 17-Nov-11 7:24am View
We don't do homework - it is set for a reason, there is also a reasonable chance that your tutor is a member of this site too!
Reiss 17-Nov-11 3:27am View
could answer and links +5
Reiss 16-Nov-11 14:06pm View
that's the only bit I understood
Reiss 16-Nov-11 11:31am View
I'm sorry but I don't have a clue what you are asking - please use the improve question to explain your issue.
Reiss 16-Nov-11 9:57am View
Thanks missed that bit - always fun guessing what environment the user is working in ;)
Reiss 16-Nov-11 8:26am View
People aren't going to do your work for you - if you get stuck on a particular issue which you can't fix, then posting what you are doing and how it is not working (citing relevant formatted code and error messages) will mean that your question will more likely be looked at and help forthcoming - also don't mark your question as urgent - it is not urgent for the people who help out.
Reiss 16-Nov-11 5:57am View
This is really for the OP - but as it not a solution I have tagged it to yours. Just to give you some idea how big a task it is, I created a fully functional DAG in a win form application and it took about a month in total
Reiss 16-Nov-11 5:35am View
Are you after a directed acyclic graph?
Reiss 16-Nov-11 5:31am View
Please don't repost your questions - use the improve question widget to alter your original one
Reiss 16-Nov-11 5:14am View
In SQL 2008 didn't they change it that if the account you are using doesn't have permission to the sproc you now get the can't find error rather than the oiriginal you don't have permission error - or am I am getting mixed up with something else?
Reiss 16-Nov-11 5:03am View
use the Improve Question widget to provide more details about what you are asking as it is not clear. Also don't reuqest urgent responses - it is rude and you are much less likely to get help.
Reiss 15-Nov-11 10:53am View
In my opinion when ever I find that the solution to a problem is a dynamic enum I know I have got my design wrong -
<blockquote class="FQ"><div class="FQA">MSDN says:</div>
Robust Programming

Assigning additional values new versions of enums, or changing the values of the enum members in a new version, can cause problems for dependant source code. It is often the case that enum values are used in switch statements, and if additional elements have been added to the enum type, the test for default values can return true unexpectedly.

If other developers will be using your code, it is important to provide guidelines on how their code should react if new elements are added to any enum types.
From enums[^]

Dynamic enums pretty much fall down against these precepts.
Reiss 15-Nov-11 7:12am View
+5 Pretty much the approach I use when working with tabs
Reiss 11-Nov-11 8:18am View
Make sure you have a full back up of your project before you do the migration - just in case you have a client who can't move to the newer framework and you need to support it.
Reiss 11-Nov-11 8:17am View
have my 5
Reiss 11-Nov-11 6:07am View
Reason for my vote of 5
The HashSet is a much under used class
Reiss 11-Nov-11 6:03am View
[edit] formatted as code - removed urgency
Reiss 11-Nov-11 5:00am View
Did you miss the bit about searching the internet before posting a question

A few simple rules when posting your question.

Have you searched or Googled for a solution?
Reiss 8-Nov-11 1:57am View
Sorry it is AddRange for a List
Reiss 3-Nov-11 4:47am View
My comment was not that what you have written for storing the file doesn't work (hence the OT - Off Topic), rather that it doesn't scale.

If person A uploads a file called MyFile.txt and then person B then uploads a a file also called MyFile.txt, the first file on the server will be over-written and you will have two database records pointing to the same physical file.

Depending on your actual requirements you should implement some logic that ensures the filenames on the server are unique or that a second record isn't created
Reiss 31-Oct-11 9:56am View
The same in reverse
Cursor currentCursor = _parent.Cursor
Reiss 28-Oct-11 4:05am View
This isn't a question - please use improve question widget to update your post with the relevant details.
Reiss 28-Oct-11 3:30am View
Can you rephrase your question (using the improve question widget), giving more information about what you are trying to achieve please
Reiss 27-Oct-11 3:37am View
Please don't repost your question, if you have changes you want to make to your original one use the Improve question widget provided
Reiss 25-Oct-11 9:47am View
In your code you have a While True loop - may I suggest that you alter it so that you define a meaningful boolean variable instead, so you code becomes

Private Sub ReadSocket()
Dim loopForever as Boolean = True

While loopForever
'Do stuff
End While
End Sub

I find this more readable and more obvious when you come back to look at the code at a later date
Reiss 25-Oct-11 9:36am View
my 5, just what I was going to post
Reiss 24-Oct-11 6:57am View
+5 - Expresso is very handy
Reiss 24-Oct-11 6:54am View
MSDN link
Reiss 21-Oct-11 3:26am View
I was certain I had done it like that in the past - must be going mad
Reiss 20-Oct-11 6:18am View
What is your question?
Reiss 19-Oct-11 11:41am View
Not going to happen, people will help you with problems you are having, not write your application for you.
Reiss 19-Oct-11 11:39am View
Struct's can implement interfaces too
Reiss 19-Oct-11 11:00am View
Looks like you have got a browser refresh issue, as solution posted twice
Reiss 19-Oct-11 9:24am View
Without your code, it is impossible to diagnose the problem, use the Improve Question widget to paste your code into the original question (only the relevant sections please, rather than a code dump)
Reiss 19-Oct-11 7:07am View
+5, I did think about going down the extension route, but I can't think of a scenario whereby I need to check if any function key has been pressed.
Reiss 19-Oct-11 6:29am View
There are 24 Function keys available
Reiss 19-Oct-11 6:07am View
Good catch
Reiss 19-Oct-11 3:27am View
What is this mystical google that you speak of ;)
Reiss 17-Oct-11 6:08am View
You haven't provided the error message, which may help others help you
Reiss 14-Oct-11 10:33am View
Please don't code dump - I don't think many people are going spend the time to wade through all that
Reiss 13-Oct-11 10:33am View
Is 'notepad' a flat file?
Reiss 13-Oct-11 10:26am View
Just to clarify
1) You have production data in a database (Database_Prod) in table Customer
2) You have archived data in a database (Database_Archive) in table Customer
Reiss 13-Oct-11 10:00am View
+5 Correct anwser as this is the only way to do it - by using regex's it is possible to verify that the email address is valid, but not that it exists
Reiss 12-Oct-11 6:24am View
I am trying to ascertain whether the querystring entity should be a single string or not as the syntax supplied is incorrect
Reiss 12-Oct-11 6:22am View
Your supplied code won't compile as is because the value you have tried to assign to querystring is not valid c# syntax
Reiss 12-Oct-11 6:07am View
string queryString = {"id": "1234", "name": "ABC XYZ", "given_name": "ABC", "family_name": "XYZ", "link": "", "gender": "male", "locale": "en-GB"};
Reiss 12-Oct-11 4:27am View
Don't repost your questions
Reiss 11-Oct-11 7:34am View
OT : In a command window cd \ will return you to the root folder
Reiss 7-Oct-11 3:51am View
have my 5 - your tip works and is explained well - that's all that should matter
Reiss 7-Oct-11 3:51am View
IMO down voting should be used when something it wrong or can be done better, not just because it is common knowledge - how does stuff that is common knowledge get onto the interweb in the first place, if people don't write tips and articles in the first place?
Reiss 7-Oct-11 3:47am View
+4 - you are missing the extra one, as no reason given for each item on the check list, otherwise very good cheat sheet
Reiss 7-Oct-11 3:44am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good explanation of the differences
Reiss 6-Oct-11 11:02am View
+5 but, do you expect the OP to come up with a data model as sensible as this
Reiss 6-Oct-11 7:09am View
I think you meant SqlConnection class to communicate, as you run the commands against the connection.
Reiss 5-Oct-11 11:11am View
What have you tried?
Reiss 5-Oct-11 9:31am View
Reason for my 5 - CTE will be more efficient
Reiss 5-Oct-11 9:30am View
Probably needs to be tagged as .Net 4 as it is using Lazy
Reiss 5-Oct-11 6:43am View
I appreciate that English may not be your main language, but I have no idea what you are asking.
Reiss 4-Oct-11 9:50am View
added pre tags for code
Reiss 3-Oct-11 6:58am View
What is the error message you are getting?
Reiss 3-Oct-11 3:51am View
without seeing your code, no one is going to be able to help you
Reiss 3-Oct-11 3:43am View
Good link
Reiss 3-Oct-11 3:43am View
Good short answer
Reiss 30-Sep-11 3:44am View
Are they abstract classes?
Reiss 28-Sep-11 5:31am View
I was going to suggest what happens when just the select is executed, but I believe that this will resolve the issue
Reiss 23-Sep-11 8:25am View
Can you edit you original question using the Improve Question widget please
Reiss 23-Sep-11 8:24am View
Not sure why you have been down voted so much - this is pretty much what needs to be done - have +4 from me as just a bit light on the details
Reiss 22-Sep-11 10:35am View
Why bother to understand anything - you can always post your problem requirements in QA and wait for someone else to do it for you ;)

Joking aside good tip +5
Reiss 22-Sep-11 10:03am View
have my +5 to counter the 'tard
Reiss 21-Sep-11 3:30am View
Hi Doc, regardless of which constructor you call in your implementing code, the final constructor always gets called, so DoStuff() is always executed
Reiss 21-Sep-11 3:02am View
Hi Robert, in this scenario you are correct, but sometimes you may still need overloaded constructors and so using defaults like you have may not always work, or you have to duplicate the default value in multiple places which introduces human error if you have to change the default value.
Reiss 20-Sep-11 8:01am View
You have tagged your question as both MS-SQL and MySQL, which one is it as thiscould impact the answer
Reiss 20-Sep-11 4:02am View
Apart from the fact that a quick google would have lead to the answer this is a genuine question - most software used in corporations is paid for and requires a license key of some sort, however nearly all corps use some sort of silent deployment tool to deliver the software - indeed it is pretty much the only way to deliver software to a large number of users in disparate locations
Reiss 16-Sep-11 8:20am View
Can you only post the relevant sections of code - people arn't going to trawl through your code dump attempting to guess which part is causing you the issue and can you clarify whay you mean by my checkbox is not working
Reiss 16-Sep-11 8:15am View
What are the values stored in lstFiles.Items(c).ToString() and c.ToString()
Reiss 14-Sep-11 8:57am View
+5 - good link
Reiss 14-Sep-11 5:41am View
This sounds like homework - we don't do your homework for you, it also appears that you haven't tried to do anything yourself - people are happy to help out with problems, not write your code for you
Reiss 14-Sep-11 5:24am View
+5 - I use this all the time.
Reiss 13-Sep-11 8:48am View
I can see a few issues, but I really need the 3 table schemas as I suspect that most of the performance issues are going to be around the indexes you (don't) have - also when you run it with the execution plan option turned on where is the main bottle neck?
Reiss 13-Sep-11 7:23am View
If you are using int.tryParse to validate the value you may want to consider renaming your tip, as not all numerics are int's
Reiss 12-Sep-11 6:27am View
Edit: Fixed the link
Reiss 9-Sep-11 2:44am View
We need more details in order to help - can you detail the exception (if any) you are getting, along with the relevant code section
Reiss 8-Sep-11 10:55am View
+5 - Your time period lib is a seminal piece of work I would recomend to anyone
Reiss 8-Sep-11 10:49am View
+5 good links - looks like google is broken (again)
Reiss 8-Sep-11 10:28am View
I think you need to look at your whole design - what are you going to do with the import if one record fails due to data typing issue
Reiss 8-Sep-11 7:01am View
Also don't use all caps in your messages (see responses below) - it is considered shouting and therefore rude.
Reiss 8-Sep-11 6:58am View
Removed your "it is urgent" remark - your problem is not urgent to the people here giving their free time to help
Reiss 8-Sep-11 3:55am View
I appreciate that English may not be you primary language, but do try asking politely for help
Reiss 6-Sep-11 10:34am View
What part isn't working?
Reiss 6-Sep-11 8:59am View
Please don't use all caps - it is considered shouting.
Reiss 6-Sep-11 8:40am View
I have edited your message - it may be urgent to you, but not to the people helping out here - indeed people are generally less inclined to help if you state it is urgent.
Reiss 6-Sep-11 5:57am View
Have 5 - btw, do you have this stock answer saved anywhere - you can almost guarantee that you will need at once a week ;)
Reiss 6-Sep-11 5:54am View
I can't stress this enough, but make sure your that all indexes and stored procedures are properly maintained otherwise your db perfromance will suffer.

As a minimum always recompile your sp's if you change any of the indexes/statistics for pre SQL 2008
Reiss 6-Sep-11 3:25am View
Have 4 - good tip, but see my alternative for why I don't think it's a 5.
Reiss 5-Sep-11 7:57am View
Shouldn't you be placing this type of information in to the dts configuration file?
Reiss 5-Sep-11 3:49am View
Is there a reason why you can't write a sql agent job to do this?
Reiss 2-Sep-11 8:59am View
You haven't asked a question - use the Improve Question widget to do so.
Reiss 2-Sep-11 5:55am View
Good spot - thanks for sharing
Reiss 2-Sep-11 3:13am View
Very true, but if you are shipping non-release code then you have bigger issues to worry about ;-)
Reiss 1-Sep-11 7:33am View
My vote of 5
A very simple and elegant idea
Reiss 31-Aug-11 11:10am View
Agreed that the database should handle this - if this is the requirement then the userID column should have a unique constraint on it in the database, that way you can just try and insert the record and handle the error if it exists - this has the advantage of getting past any race conditions
Reiss 31-Aug-11 10:10am View
How are the images stored in the database?
Reiss 31-Aug-11 7:32am View
Absolute nonsense solution, the syntax of the try is correct - see
Reiss 18-Aug-11 9:57am View
true, just another way to do it that's all.
Reiss 18-Aug-11 9:10am View
+5 - nice and simple
Reiss 18-Aug-11 9:02am View
+5 - I think google must be some sort of secret society as only a select few have heard about it.
Reiss 18-Aug-11 5:56am View
Again - What is your question?
Reiss 18-Aug-11 5:55am View
What is your question?
Reiss 18-Aug-11 4:50am View
even pseudocode should go in a code block
Reiss 18-Aug-11 4:44am View
This approach would require you to have permissions to read the registry - not wrong, but required -
Reiss 18-Aug-11 3:14am View
Very important tip - I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but I see this nearly everytime I work for a new customer.
Reiss 17-Aug-11 7:05am View
Good explanation.
Reiss 17-Aug-11 6:54am View
If you are going to do that, I would rather it went in a finally block - less chance of missing it during a refactoring exercise.
Reiss 17-Aug-11 5:13am View
Whilst this is a useful tip in itself, isn't there a greater risk that you can accidentally ship the wrong code (I understand that there is a risk regardless of how you chose to comment/uncomment code)
Reiss 17-Aug-11 5:06am View
What version of are you using - this will dictate the optimum solution, as you should be using role membership
Reiss 15-Aug-11 10:36am View
yet another re-worded post asking the same question...
Reiss 15-Aug-11 7:11am View
You missed the large link to the codeplex download page?
Reiss 15-Aug-11 7:02am View
Also, you should provide a pump into your custom messagebox class to instruct it to close - a timer is bad design flaw - what happens if the data isn't saved (e.g. an exception is thrown somewhere), the user thinks the data has been saved but hasn't
Reiss 12-Aug-11 3:26am View
title doesn't reflect your problem
Reiss 9-Aug-11 7:49am View
nice link +5
Reiss 8-Aug-11 7:39am View
Are you using the full unc path for the server path, e.g. \\servername\c$\folder
Reiss 5-Aug-11 7:50am View
Does the video play if you down load it manually?
Reiss 3-Aug-11 15:10pm View
There isn't enough detail, is an sql error being thrown during the second insert? The table schema's and the sp's you are running would help us help you.
Reiss 2-Aug-11 5:28am View
Most complete answer out of the group
Reiss 1-Aug-11 11:07am View
I think this is what the OP is after, if so then this is correct
Reiss 1-Aug-11 11:05am View
When I had to do my doctoral thesis, part of the viva was explaining why you selected that topic - you will probably have to defend your choice of topic, so you need to think long and hard about it.
Reiss 29-Jul-11 6:19am View
good link - have 5
Reiss 29-Jul-11 6:17am View
Asking people to think for themselves for a minute - in this industry - are you quiet mad? ;)
Reiss 28-Jul-11 4:14am View
I agree that you have more flexability in your approach, as you can make it non-inclusive if you wish.

This article ( suggests that the execution plan is the same (I haven't tested this), so performance shouldn't be an issue either way
Reiss 28-Jul-11 3:33am View
Better solution than mine - completely forgot about DATEDIFF
Reiss 27-Jul-11 11:42am View
I like that suggestion - maybe create a directory with the date as the name and then add files using a pure GUID.
Reiss 27-Jul-11 4:32am View
Good link - leading people to find their own solution and therefore increasing their understanding is better than just spoon feeding them the answer.
Reiss 27-Jul-11 4:30am View
Orginally you had some syntactical errors, but essentially was correct
Reiss 26-Jul-11 10:33am View
Why don't you want to use stored procedures - this is the job they were designed for - it's a bit like saying I want to build a house and I don't want to use cement.
Reiss 22-Jul-11 16:16pm View
What bit are you struggling with - the voice control or creating the web browser?
Reiss 22-Jul-11 16:07pm View
Best resource I have come across
Reiss 22-Jul-11 9:50am View
I would argue that there are a lot of coding issues with the code as provided, but that won't solve your problem.

Just to get you started

change this
if (DatePicker.SelectedDate.ToShortDateString() == "1/1/0001")
to this
if (DatePicker.SelectedDate.Equals(DateTime.MinValue))

change this
else if(ddlEmployeeID.SelectedValue==".:Select Employee:.")
to something index based

move this
const string status = "a";
outside your foreach loop

Reiss 21-Jul-11 8:52am View
take 5
Reiss 21-Jul-11 5:55am View
EricCiz - if you are using Forms authentication, then can't you just store the username entered in the form for later use?
Reiss 21-Jul-11 5:25am View
You can type faster than me ;)
Reiss 20-Jul-11 6:55am View
but I wanted to be the next Warren Buffett...
Reiss 20-Jul-11 4:19am View
Goolge - my god if only I had known about this before!
Reiss 19-Jul-11 15:41pm View
This is not a solution - questions like this should be tagged as comments as above by RaisKazi and digital man
Reiss 19-Jul-11 4:29am View
It's not wise to put your e-mail address on a public forum, unless you like spam.
Reiss 18-Jul-11 8:40am View
You may want to add some logic to check there is only one instance of the underscore character
Reiss 18-Jul-11 8:25am View
and your question is?
Reiss 16-Jul-11 6:48am View
And we have no idea either, not unless you can add some details - what is the Message, where is coming from, how it is received etc
Reiss 15-Jul-11 10:55am View
Have you started the Timer - this is different to just enabling it?
If yes, have you stepped through the trTick_Tick method?
Reiss 15-Jul-11 9:07am View
SQL injection will be a threat if you allow direct text sql execution against your database
Reiss 15-Jul-11 9:03am View
On top of this I would suggest that you read this article on creating triggers to audit changes made to the data.
Reiss 15-Jul-11 4:02am View
can you treat your html pages as xhtml and use the same solution you use for xml files (I assume some sort of XPATH)
Reiss 14-Jul-11 11:43am View
This will stop the form from closing in all cases and the CloseReason will only tell you UserClosing and not give any details about the whether it was invoked via the ALT-F4 key stroke combination.
Reiss 14-Jul-11 6:41am View
A datagrid with 300,000 rows (I don't know how many columns) - even if paged for display on the screen, you would need to fetch it all for the download - this is going to take a very long time.
Reiss 14-Jul-11 5:54am View
What do you want to do with the data once it has been exported - is it going to be fed into another system or viwed by a user?
Reiss 14-Jul-11 5:43am View
Tagging you question will help get it answered
Reiss 14-Jul-11 5:37am View
Please note that not everyone will understand the Indian numbering system. 3lakh is three hundred thousand.

What version of excel are you exporting to, as older versions can only contain 65,536 rows.
Reiss 13-Jul-11 10:49am View
Should the user be able to type into the command prompt, or should only system generated commands be allowed?
Reiss 13-Jul-11 5:19am View
This is a sql question and not a VB.NET one (The error is being thrown by the database) - you might have more success if you re-tag it.
Reiss 13-Jul-11 5:14am View
You may want to write it as an extension method and put in your framework library.
Reiss 13-Jul-11 3:31am View
just beat me to it ;-)
Reiss 12-Jul-11 16:15pm View
If you are going to publish code on a public forum, make sure you alter url's, connection strings etc.
Reiss 12-Jul-11 10:54am View
I have had to use this before, as the installer had been deleted and so I couldn't uninstall the service ready for the next release.
Reiss 12-Jul-11 6:11am View
I think what you are after is

timer_fired_event method

private void call_method_with_other_logic()
//this may or may not write to open log file
// this may or may not throw an exception
// you may want to catch some exceptions here and handle them if appropriate or let them bubble up the call stack
Reiss 11-Jul-11 11:01am View
Glad you got it working, also kudos for working it out yourself ;-)
Reiss 8-Jul-11 11:09am View
I would definitely recommend a full re-write as just "porting" the code would probably miss out on many of the new features/paradigms that are about now (regardless of langauge) - indeed there are probably hacks (sorry workarounds) in the original code to handle stuff like this.