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Asim Mahmood 11-Mar-13 4:25am View
you are getting lable value because you are binding lable value from DB but in textbox you putting text at runtime that's why you are getting label value.
at which event you are binding Gridview let show me Page_Load code?
Asim Mahmood 7-Mar-13 2:07am View
how to display database image
Asim Mahmood 5-Mar-13 9:28am View
here is one mistake regarding Object but it's working fine here
string str = "abc'def";
string str1 = str.Replace('\'', '"');
string str2 = str.Replace('"', '\'');

and send me your value which you want to replace
Asim Mahmood 1-Mar-13 9:09am View
then you use Rounded Image for that
follow this link
Asim Mahmood 1-Mar-13 7:18am View
are you creating table dynamically if yes then why you are not using jQuery? it's too easy using jQuery.
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 7:26am View
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 5:36am View
try this code then
var dir = @"D:\TestFolder"; // folder location

if (!Directory.Exists(dir)) // if it doesn't exist, create

// use Path.Combine to combine 2 strings to a path
File.WriteAllText(Path.Combine(dir, "log.txt"), "blah blah, text");
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 5:31am View
oh dear then remove session check from SearchResult page as user click any button on searchresult page check his session just like LinkedIn.
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 5:28am View
any where sir but you write Js code in js file.
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 1:47am View

this is best example to show image from DB create and for popup you implemetn following logic
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" lang="en-US">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<style type="text/css">
.preview {
position : relative;
display : inline-block;
.preview img {
border : none;
.preview .large {
position : absolute;
left : 120%;
top : 120%;
display : none;
/* Removing the alpha filter to save memory */
filter : none;

.preview:hover {
/* This is very important, otherwise the hover effect won't work in IE 6 since IE's bug */
background-color : transparent;

.preview:hover .large {
display : block;
/* This is very important, otherwise the hover effect won't work in IE 6 since IE's bug */
filter : alpha ( opacity = 100);
<img src='small.jpg' /><img class='large' src='large.jpg' />
Asim Mahmood 28-Feb-13 1:27am View
no thanks dear just chill
Asim Mahmood 27-Feb-13 9:29am View
what is error and at which line error is?
Asim Mahmood 27-Feb-13 9:24am View
explain your question please
Asim Mahmood 27-Feb-13 9:20am View
did you try this.
this.grd.DataSource = new DataTable();
if (grd.Rows.Count > 0)
this.grd.FooterRow.Visible = true;
Asim Mahmood 26-Feb-13 8:55am View
please explain your question
Asim Mahmood 25-Feb-13 7:54am View
it's only possible with this way, you are new welcome to you in .Net Market. you read code you can get it. if you face any issue regarding code understanding you can contact me.
Asim Mahmood 25-Feb-13 2:58am View
please clarify your question.
Asim Mahmood 25-Feb-13 2:47am View
Yes you are right Agrahari
Asim Mahmood 24-Feb-13 8:17am View
Example of PopUp.
Asim Mahmood 24-Feb-13 5:55am View
Why you are not using jQuery?
Asim Mahmood 24-Feb-13 2:24am View
this method is showing GetDataFromDb(); you'll get data from you DataBase like BLL.GetDataFromDb();. if you dont have idea how to build SQLConnection it's another point.
Asim Mahmood 21-Feb-13 8:16am View
you welcome but you didn't give me even one point :(:( ;)
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 5:13am View
then try with jQuery
follow this link it's calling server side method passing parameters and you can perform your functionality.
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 2:18am View
may you please share your code?
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 2:01am View
Ok put your Action name as your view name mean, if your view name is MachineParameter your ActionMethod name should be MachineParameter but parameter should be you ViewModel like MachineParameter(MachineViewModel objMachineViewModel) and behaviour will be [HttpPost] it will automatically call that ActionMethod. Mind it your view must be StronglyTypeView means it must have some Model.
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 1:52am View
Debug your code and check file path, i think issue in your path.
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 1:50am View
what's file size you are uploading
Asim Mahmood 20-Feb-13 1:44am View
Yes Habbib i agreed with you but it's Ahmed requirements.
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 8:31am View
dear you will pass you ModelClass as parameter to method like this
public ActionResult MyMethod(MyViewModel objViewModel)

its my method on which i did work its easy dear, you'll add ActionName to button it'll automatically call this and pass object with values.
I think you are new on MVC?
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 8:15am View
check this link
Yes you are right Ankur\m session will lost but and it's not recomeded but may be he has some scenario like that.
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 7:45am View
you must use jQuery for your goal.
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 3:25am View
no dear it's not necessary what you think CodeProject will give me bundles of money or else, i am just analyse myself. If it's helpful for you then you just tell me. what i am?

Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 2:38am View
for uploading file
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 2:27am View
then please view these links
Asim Mahmood 19-Feb-13 1:51am View
you want to open a popup or else? Clarify please.
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 7:54am View
If you checkbox is unchecked then you must check your code may be while clicking Delete button your grid is binding again.
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 3:37am View
am currently using it
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" onChange="GetValues();" />
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 3:16am View
Dear there should be some property assignment missing check your HTML and code properly no issue seems in code.
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 2:52am View
you must assign ID's to every control and when you will click on button all control will lost because you are creating dynamic controls, you will create controls again after clearing parent panel then you will get values use this lien this.Page.FindControl("ControlID"); i hope so you will solve you problem. Thanks
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 2:49am View
Please debug code and check which object is null.
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 2:46am View
type debugger; before var price = $(".LblATUPriceATC").text();
and click in IE Tools -> Advanced -> Uncheck Disable script debugging(IE)
Asim Mahmood 18-Feb-13 1:49am View
looking good please debug your js code and this value especially: parseInt(this.value)
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 13:40pm View
yes ur rite but it's [possible with that you can try
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 12:34pm View
you can call server side button event in Javascript too
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 12:33pm View
you can call server side button event in Javascript too
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 8:40am View
you create your own alert box as div POPUP.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 8:38am View
you must create WindowService for this purpose.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 8:34am View
Why you need to do it at DB level you RegularExpression at code end and validate that.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 8:32am View
Please explain you question why you need to delay and how you are inserting data in DB.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 7:18am View
Please add your question here.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 4:12am View
you can't call function from javascript; yes but you can fire event from javascript try that.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 4:02am View
please send me your code i'll tell you what you have to do Thanks.
it's my email id or paste your code here.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 3:57am View
Please provide your code here.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 3:25am View
You must store images in DB then it's good option
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 2:57am View
You must create a WindowService which will run after a defined time.
Asim Mahmood 14-Feb-13 1:45am View
Select t.Id, t.Name, CASE WHEN Flag = true THEN '~/Images/true.png' ELSE '~/Images/false.png' END as ImagePath from Table t

use it like this and bind image with this PATH