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Comments by Chris Copeland (Top 200 by date)

Chris Copeland 9-May-24 9:58am View    
Have you tried checking the console in the browser to see if there are any errors? I can't see anything immediately wrong with the code, however the browser console will give you more information.
Chris Copeland 26-Jan-24 5:05am View    
The HTML probably needs a <body> tag as well..
Chris Copeland 19-Dec-23 5:03am View    
Well it seems you've already built the code to redirect to a page with the course ID present, so what's stopping you from building the rest? You have $_GET['id'] containing the course ID.
Chris Copeland 15-Dec-23 4:54am View    
Why are you using web-views to accomplish this when instead you could use the Google Maps API? They have a Distance Matrix API[^] which can be used to calculate this without the need to do any of this complicated embedding..
Chris Copeland 12-Dec-23 11:33am View    
He told you to use the window Loaded event for the animation, so you did, then posted your code and accepted it as the solution. You did exactly what Dave told you to do, but you've chosen not to accept his answer as the solution in favour of your own.

Just because he didn't give you the exact code doesn't mean he didn't provide the answer, he pointed you in the right direction and you consequently found your answer, so his answer should have been accepted.