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Chris Copeland 3-Jan-19 11:21am View
Sorry for not getting back sooner on this, I was busy over December! It's likely that $searchQuery can be empty or null, and therefore the query would end with " WHERE ", which is invalid. Ideally you'd want to check whether the search query actually has a value, and perhaps adjust the content accordingly:

if ($searchQuery != '') {  $searchQuery = ' WHERE '.$searchQuery;}

You can then use that in your query which would only include the clause if it was populated. If you were to leave it is a "WHERE 1" then the $searchQuery variable would need to begin with " AND "
Chris Copeland 19-Apr-16 12:03pm View
That's almost what I need. I've managed to improve the current state of the control using a UniformGrid with a column definition:

<pre lang="c#"><ItemsPanelTemplate>
<UniformGrid Columns="9" IsItemsHost="True"/>

This does resize the column widths to the correct percentile to fill the horizontal space, however the rows (as you mentioned) do overlap slightly. I'm seeing a small (perhaps 50 or 100 pixels) of the next row within the ListBox. The only question is, is it possible to make the rows stretch vertically as well as the equal stretch horizontally.

Chris Copeland 22-Feb-16 6:44am View
Thanks for the input, I managed to resolve this using the classpath parameter and manually specifying the JAR path and lib directory.
Chris Copeland 1-Dec-15 11:24am View
That fixed the issue up, thanks for the help!