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Chris Copeland 12hrs ago View    
I think that comes down to more the use-cases. If the application you're building doesn't need to display or use the product information then there's no point in adding it in 🙂 however if you do want to display the products you'll need to come up with some way of doing it. You should take a look at the requirements for this application and decide the best way to implement it!
Chris Copeland 14hrs ago View    
I think the example I've provided could easily be integrated into the code you've already got. I kept some of the variable names the same, so you can just use my code as a template? The key point was to illustrate that it's better to explicitly reference the JSON properties than dynamically.
Chris Copeland yesterday View    
Have you tried taking out the select query and running it separately to confirm that it does return some results? If it doesn't return anything then nothing will get inserted. If it does, and you expect the insert to have worked, it sounds more like a committing issue.
Chris Copeland 2 days ago View    
In what way does "sorting not work in Firefox"? Does it throw an error or are the items not sorted in a way that you expect? If the latter, you need to account for undefined values as part of the function.
Chris Copeland 2 days ago View    
That error means that it cannot find a variable named $mysqli. You may have converted your code and forgotten to rename some variables?