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Anil Sharma1983 16-Nov-16 2:04am View
i have tried to genrate key
public byte[] GenerateKey()

using (var aes = CreateAes256Algorithm())

return aes.Key;

private RijndaelManaged CreateAes256Algorithm()
return new RijndaelManaged { KeySize = 256, BlockSize = 128, Mode = CipherMode.ECB, Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7 };
Anil Sharma1983 18-Jul-16 3:02am View
thank you
Anil Sharma1983 23-May-16 5:04am View
sets autocomplete="off" for a form tag
Anil Sharma1983 17-May-16 2:14am View
Please check which theme implemented in nopcommerce and simply comment as you did it
Anil Sharma1983 16-Apr-16 2:20am View
setInterval(function () {

Please check time interval is too fast
Anil Sharma1983 29-Mar-16 5:42am View
If you have master.aspx.designer.cs file in your project ,here you can check syntax already declare control in designer file
protected global::System.Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList DropDownList1;
Anil Sharma1983 9-Feb-16 4:26am View
Anil Sharma1983 18-Jan-16 5:31am View
you need to create job or sechdualer to do this work
Anil Sharma1983 10-Jan-16 3:23am View
install firbug plugin, then press F12 and check that net tab or F12 in google chrome and then check network tab under xhr request
Anil Sharma1983 10-Jan-16 2:07am View
Please check your ajax request result in firfox browser or google chrome in net tab .
Anil Sharma1983 17-Dec-15 23:56pm View
using firbug for mozila or chrome inspect the html code
Anil Sharma1983 17-Dec-15 23:53pm View
its depend upon you
Anil Sharma1983 30-Nov-15 7:22am View
i think grdRegulationFile is null.Please check
Anil Sharma1983 30-Nov-15 1:33am View
upload small video file(less then 5mb).check its uploaded or not. then we know the exact error
Anil Sharma1983 27-Nov-15 7:07am View
Please check radio button name posted values your form
Anil Sharma1983 27-Nov-15 6:54am View
k, try javascript

function download()
location.href = "your_url";
Anil Sharma1983 24-Nov-15 2:27am View
please mention the error
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 7:32am View
i means its data type bit, bool ,please check this link
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 6:49am View
Please check IsApproved column data type in sql
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 5:43am View
whatever you use any control in it render in such as gridview in '<table> ' tag similar form view render .So you need to ajax request update data in database. Please check this link
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 5:34am View
Please check sending email image source through firbug plugin in mozila browser
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 5:28am View
Please check your database connectivity
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 5:09am View
you have to set absolute path of images.
Anil Sharma1983 23-Nov-15 4:10am View
please check selected index event all dropdown aspx page
Anil Sharma1983 21-Nov-15 6:50am View
please check updated soultion
Anil Sharma1983 20-Nov-15 1:05am View
you can add custom method in js file a s given below example
Anil Sharma1983 19-Nov-15 4:40am View
Make sure you enable access through the machine firewall as well.
Anil Sharma1983 19-Nov-15 4:21am View Please check this link
Anil Sharma1983 6-Nov-15 7:20am View
may be problem : Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' missing).

You need to configure your Server to accept those calls
Anil Sharma1983 3-Nov-15 23:52pm View
Please check this link
Anil Sharma1983 3-Nov-15 7:21am View
Please check browser console Firefox or google chrome to know about exact error
Anil Sharma1983 3-Nov-15 4:09am View
you can do this way.

<pre lang="cs">public class AbcModel
public string textbox1 { get; set; };
public string textbox2 { get; set; }
<pre lang="sql">public ActionResult SaveVlaues(list<abcmodel> Model)
//perform you operation
//return list
Please check this link for detail
List of Model Object Post to Controller in ASP.NET MVC[^]
Anil Sharma1983 3-Nov-15 2:25am View
you need to set flag to determine from is submit or general render view . if the form validation failed return error message check on the view and show popup.
Anil Sharma1983 3-Nov-15 2:13am View
Please check these links
Anil Sharma1983 2-Nov-15 4:47am View

This link will help you
Anil Sharma1983 2-Nov-15 2:54am View
I have update the example with full code above. Please check
Anil Sharma1983 28-Oct-15 0:49am View
please use this code for any gridview.its working fine.otherwise check browser console javascript error

$("#GridView1").prepend( $("<thead></thead>").append($("#GridView1").find("tbody tr:first") ) ).dataTable();
Anil Sharma1983 14-Oct-15 2:17am View
you can try this way ..

$(".css").live("hover",function () {


Anil Sharma1983 13-Oct-15 5:50am View
in this way we achieve result in linq lamda expression. for this example i have made
the dummy list (tblEmailList and tblEmailRecipientList)

var result = _tblEmailList.AsEnumerable()
.Join(_tblEmailRecipientList.AsEnumerable(), o => o.ListId, od => od.ListId,
(o, od) => new { _tblEmailList = o, rList = od })
.GroupBy(p => p.rList.ListId).Select(g => new
count = g.Count(),
MaxName = g.Max(p =>

Anil Sharma1983 6-Oct-15 5:04am View
yes i know that but Microsoft sample application all the operation done on controller not in model folder
Anil Sharma1983 3-Sep-15 5:21am View
OK, i working shopping site which contain multiple categories in i need my page render fast.
Anil Sharma1983 3-Sep-15 4:54am View
If you have other Approach ,Please share