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Comments by Rahul Rajat Singh (Top 200 by date)

Rahul Rajat Singh 26-Feb-15 6:48am View    
It is an algorithm not code. I have made the declaimer above. Your might want to make it syntactically correct before using it.
Rahul Rajat Singh 9-Dec-14 1:08am View    
Could you show us your view code. Also, perhaps the validations are getting pulled from DataAnnotations put on the model. Check the model property associated with the dropdown.
Rahul Rajat Singh 2-Jan-14 22:50pm View    
+5 for the answer.
Rahul Rajat Singh 30-Dec-13 2:59am View    
Sorry, My bad. Updated the answer.
Rahul Rajat Singh 26-Dec-13 22:37pm View    
You are most welcome. Always happy to help fellow developers.