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Comments by Samuel Cherinet (Top 14 by date)

Samuel Cherinet 3-May-11 9:46am View    
Can you post the code you have done so far, coz am having a hard time wrapping my head around what you are looking for.
Samuel Cherinet 20-Sep-10 9:14am View    
are you on if so... .net has a quick implementation library already for you, check out this link
Samuel Cherinet 16-Sep-10 15:48pm View    
alright!!! must say this is a better approach, you learn something new everyday. Thanks!
Samuel Cherinet 11-Sep-10 22:10pm View    
The EventHandler is not a guarantee that it will be run in a separate thread. its just calling on pointer to the function(delegates). please post some code about your problem.
Samuel Cherinet 7-Sep-10 10:48am View    
are you using XML serialization or Binary serialization?