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Comments by Kiran S. S. (Top 11 by date)

Kiran S. S. 11-Jan-16 4:50am View
Hi, I have given sample code, so that you can get idea what I am trying to create
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 12:04pm View
This could be my last question on this forum. :-|
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 12:01pm View
I guess i have failed to explain my point of view
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 11:48am View
Richard your quick responses are really appreciated. But still I really expected answer for creating seat plan of stadium by using javascript, css and html5. I was looking for direction for creating UI. I am doing research for this project. I needed some guidance for it. If my initial question created wrong impression then I am really apologies for my small description.
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 11:35am View
Dissapointed to know this. This might be limitation of codeproject. I will goto other resources to find ans to my question.
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 11:13am View
I am using mvc, jquery, bootsrap. User should able to design the seat pla n for stadium, movie hall or theater. The plan i mean here is exact design which is mention civil plan. Once this seat information is stored then user shold be able to use this information in booking process. Please let me know if need more inforinformation.
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 10:47am View
I was not asking about whole project. I was just wondering how can make the dynamic generation possible. I got some ideas but wanted to know what new technolgies can help me
Kiran S. S. 30-Dec-15 8:39am View
is this any kind of joke??
Kiran S. S. 19-Sep-14 9:03am View
Sorry I couldnt get you??
I thought that is common problem
Kiran S. S. 29-Jun-11 0:28am View
@dasblinkenlight: Thanks for your help.

But I am using VB 6.

The code you are suggesting is useful for .net.

Please suggest for VB 6.
Kiran S. S. 15-Jun-10 7:01am View
I got your point. But how to use these controls to show another page in calling page.
Means page 1 contains link to page 2, I want show page2 in page 1 in small div.

How can do this. please give me one example