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Comments by NightWizzard (Top 67 by date)

NightWizzard 22-Jun-21 4:54am View    
I can cope...but -16 points for a little mistake while answering isn't fair at all.
NightWizzard 22-Jun-21 4:48am View    
Be sure this won't happen any more. As long as anybody can downvote everbodies answers - given with the intention to help - for any lapidary reason, I don't share my experiences any longer.
NightWizzard 18-Dec-17 12:48pm View    
As your profile shows, you never gave any helpful answer here nore published any kind of tip or solution to others. But you downvote a solution you don't understand and acting up like a teacher. Don't you have better things to do than getting on my nerves on a question that is 8 month old and nobody had a problem with the solutions until you came along. Go and annoy someone else!
NightWizzard 18-Dec-17 7:11am View    
If you don't understand what SQL is, you shouldn't post such comments. Entity Framework can be used with pure SQL - even if you're not able to translate the article to this question I don't know, why you associate it with IEnumerable?!
NightWizzard 8-May-17 13:10pm View    
A simple reason could be, that - when running as admin - the system will use the directory structure of the admin user (c:\users\...) which is not the same as the user you used to login into Windows. Maybe the application or its dependencies and config files are installed in the normal user's structure and doesn't exists/can't be accessed within the admin structure...?