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Comments by bouli (Top 6 by date)

bouli 27-Nov-14 6:27am View
It should be inside a stored procedure.
bouli 27-Nov-14 4:16am View
But I have to do it in SQL/Transact-SQL. I have no choice. :(
If I had the choice, I wouldn't ask it.
bouli 27-Nov-14 4:15am View
Maybe it can be done with Transact-SQL?
bouli 27-Nov-14 4:04am View
It can be done in SQL or with Transact-SQL.
bouli 27-Nov-14 4:02am View
I have put the query you asked.
bouli 27-Nov-14 3:58am View
Here is the query to retrieve informations I made:

header.PK, header.First_name, header.Last_name, ...
lines.Item_number, lines.Quantity, lines.price
from header
inner join lines
on header.PK = lines.PK_header

This query displays each header for each lines. I wish to display the header data only when the PK changes.