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JBenhart 15-Jun-13 2:26am View    
And the lmgify link was ever so helpful. Gosh, why didn't I think of that? #sarcasmimplied
JBenhart 15-Jun-13 2:18am View    
I have used the levenshtein distance algorithm in my code before but it wasn't a part of SQL directly. I thought there may be an easier SQL call to search. I am mistaken.
JBenhart 15-Jun-13 2:15am View    
Ah, SA, still being insulting to those with honest questions? I hope you don't respond to every wayward developer in this way. Calling someone naive and being demeaning isn't helpful. Obviously, I do believe someone with a friendly ear and a little patience would be able to help me or I wouldn't have posted my question here, as it has helped in the past. And since my level of SQL is somewhat limited, I wouldn't know if there was an easy solution or not now would I? It could be a simple SQL procedural call or even a basic where clause. That is why I asked. So instead of insulting an honest, if albeit "naive", question, maybe you could take the stance of trying to be helpful.
JBenhart 28-Jan-12 0:07am View    
Oh, I see. It's amazing how deep the rabbit hole goes... lol

Do you have any other helpful posts or links about strongly named assemblies with digital signatures?
JBenhart 27-Jan-12 23:44pm View    
Now that isn't three in the morning, I may make more sense. I can put the everything but the plugin interface implementation in the host application. I can also pass the host mandatory interface by reference to the plugin but I am not sure how that would prevent someone from not replicating the host program since they will have the interface in the plugin. I understand that an official plugin will have a reference to the host plugin but can't that also be forged? Or have I completely missed your point. I am guessing I have.

Either way, thank you very much for the explanation!