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Comments by Peter Mulholland (Top 15 by date)

Peter Mulholland 7-Nov-11 8:02am View    
Thanks. I'd already tried the parallel builds flag (/m)with most of our MSBuild calls. I had to revert about half of them when they started failing to compile in parallel mode. That's probably something I should look into further. I'll have a look at the other suggestions in the article over lunch.
Peter Mulholland 5-Jul-11 16:34pm View    
I wouldn't say it doesn't matter, using the correct option demonstrates an understanding of the difference between the 2, (not for a second suggesting you don't John) even tho we should never have to worry about the cost of the post increment any more. It's good practice to write what you mean and use the best tool for the job.
Peter Mulholland 5-Jul-11 11:54am View    
as you're not using the value before the increment,
but I assume this gets optimized out anyway.
Peter Mulholland 1-Jul-11 11:59am View    
That deserves points! :-D
Peter Mulholland 1-Jul-11 11:58am View    
So this is high school homework then?