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Member 3623312 17-Sep-15 6:39am View
i have google it but there is no answer that i have get it.
Moreover i think you are wasting your own time by reply such type of message.
it is your problem not mine.

Member 3623312 17-Sep-15 6:20am View
My dear friend if you does not have any answer why are you commented like this.
Member 3623312 21-Aug-15 1:53am View
it does not work as i am using wamp server
Member 3623312 3-Aug-15 9:18am View
No, server and workstation PC is different.
Member 3623312 18-Mar-14 5:31am View
yes, i have done it :)
But it will work with creating a formula field.

Now my question is how does we done it without creating a formula field.
if(trim({Datatable.Cond1})="") then
if(trim({Datatable.Cond2})="False") then
Member 3623312 18-Mar-14 5:21am View
yes i have already done it but it will not work with multiple condition.
Member 3623312 18-Mar-14 5:05am View
Crystal report comes with vs 2008
Member 3623312 27-Oct-11 8:48am View
But how do we calculate using c# language.
Member 3623312 25-Oct-11 14:40pm View
So, for PrintDocument we have to specify the file name ex:- *.txt file etc.