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Comments by ormonds (Top 12 by date)

ormonds 3-Feb-21 4:17am View
Thanks for your suggestion, thatraja, but with respect the columns were added OK, just in a different way to your suggestion. The reason for the error was that I had a select statement referencing PersonID which I then referred to as StaffID. Anyway, all sorted.
ormonds 3-Feb-21 0:34am View
No, all working now, Kelly had the answer. Thanks.
ormonds 2-Feb-21 18:34pm View
Thank you, Kelly, that's it. Appreciated. For some reason your answer hasn't turned up on the page.
ormonds 2-Feb-21 17:10pm View
..and yes, the app is for use by a small group of people in house, but I am reading up about SQL injection right now.
ormonds 2-Feb-21 16:35pm View
This seems to be just a different way of arriving setting up the DataTable. Certainly it gives the same result - no value for StaffID.
ormonds 15-Nov-20 2:54am View
Thank you.
ormonds 29-Oct-20 16:47pm View
Thank you, yes, I have worked through that but it is silent on aspx code behind pages.
ormonds 29-Oct-20 3:06am View
It's a work related job reporting and managing web site which uses a SQL database. I'm happy with writing c# win apps and with simple asp web sites, generally using VS, but I now need to learn how to use javascript in aspx pages, with Masterpages.
ormonds 27-Oct-20 18:20pm View
Thanks. Yes, the value of WE is correct, I have a temporary text box which displays the query. When I cut and past it into SQL it works fine.
I'll start looking at parameterised queries.
ormonds 11-Nov-19 16:07pm View
That worked, but not quite in the way I expected - it listed all objects on my personal machine including those shared folders I am a delegate on. I shall log another question about how to get all public folders and only them - I am Exchange Admin so it should be possible.
Thank you for your help.
ormonds 11-Nov-19 15:40pm View
Thank you, I will work through this today.
There are no subfolders, and the list in column A is correct, it was output to text from a Powershell command listing all folders.
ormonds 21-Jun-18 4:53am View
Thank you!