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Comments by Prahlad Yeri (Top 7 by date)

Prahlad Yeri 2-Sep-22 1:58am View    
Thanks, I'll do it!
Prahlad Yeri 23-Aug-22 4:53am View    
Thanks Richard! I actually posted on their issue tracker and they're interacting, let's see how it goes.
Prahlad Yeri 15-Apr-13 13:17pm View    
If you are really that enlightened, then why don't you describe the method (if it really does exist somewhere apart from your wild imagination). And make sure you are talking abt Win-8 standard version not a beta or consumer preview.
Prahlad Yeri 14-Apr-13 11:11am View    
@Dave Kreskowiak - What you are saying could have been true some years back, maybe at the time of Windows-98/ME or even XP. But with the advent of Win-7, security is being taken seriously at Microsoft.

Just imagine - an OS that comes with a prebuilt firewall that allows you to define custom rules based on IP-addresses, ports, programs, services, etc. how can it leave such a big security HOLE to grant an unauthorized user with such a welcome command prompt to fire commands ? The very idea is laughable.
Prahlad Yeri 14-Apr-13 6:10am View    
Also consider that I might have to stop this timer in between if the user sends a "pause" command.