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Hariharan Arunachalam 3-Apr-13 2:07am View
The simplest solution to directly solve your problem is to load the values into an array in and use that array values in javascript. However, depending on what you actually intending to do, you might try loading a KML file instead (if changes are going to be in bulk) or using AJAX to retrieve the value from the server (if changes are expected dynamically).
Hariharan Arunachalam 2-Apr-13 10:04am View
Is that the only point at which the variables l1 and l2 are used in the javascript? If yes, then the reason only the last value is being displayed is simply because that IS the current value of l1 and l2 when it is rendered. The solution you want depends on some info that you have not provided. Let me know if you need help with this.
Hariharan Arunachalam 1-Apr-13 4:17am View
Since the files were part of your solution, it becomes part of the virtual directory when launched. To share them, there are some methods available, the easiest of which would be creating a shared virtual directory with the files in it. Here's a couple of other methods I found on CP.
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Mar-13 5:16am View
I can't see any problem as to why the last record wouldn't show based on the data you have provided. Are you sure its not a null/empty value?
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Mar-13 4:59am View
Do you mean to get the client side file path on the server end? I don't think that its possible. You have to save a copy on the server and do the work as necessary.
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Mar-13 0:54am View
Seems so. Since the reference is using relative path, the script file needs to be part of the application to work. Is the script file included in the solution?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 9:13am View
Are you willing to use/using jQuery in your pages?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 9:12am View
Please use the improve question option, or reply to the comment, makes it easier to track this question.
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 9:04am View
You can use whatever you what, these are just file names and not the files themselves!
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 7:54am View
By edit, do you mean to also have the data updated on the server side? or just have an edit option available on the client screen?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 7:22am View
Have the explanations stored in a database as text/string.
Have a display field; use AJAX to get the explanations when required or use plain show/hide using javascript. Populate the explanations into the fields when rendering the page to the client. And you're done!!!
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 6:24am View
Add the script statement before the grid?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 5:43am View
Wouldn't Fruit throw an exception while compiling in the compile method?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 5:09am View
You could actually try building a control to suit your needs. I am thinking using HTML5 maybe.
Do you intend to stream the files across?
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 5:01am View
Sounds like you intend to have a full scale mp3 player. Best solution might to take an available player and tinker away.
A simple search gave me this one- Don't know if its what you are looking for.
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 4:56am View
What is the function signature? It seems that the function is intended to return a string..
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 4:53am View
Can you explain why it didn't work for you? What was the problem? Did you contact the author with the area you had trouble with? A little research and effort goes a long way in letting the world help you.
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Mar-13 4:51am View
Using a callback on every column seems a little overkill to me; for applying styles that is, since the you are using the style application in the code, it could be a problem later on while trying to apply/switch styles.
Hariharan Arunachalam 12-Mar-13 4:54am View
From what I can gather from the question, if the forms have no dynamic content that requires server side intervention, simply use javascript on the client side to show the form on selection of the drop down. Otherwise, please be a little more clear on the question.
Hariharan Arunachalam 28-Jan-13 4:31am View
Could you elaborate on 'which' value you are not able to fetch? The values in the text boxes that the user types in later? You might have to store a reference of the control when you create them...
Hariharan Arunachalam 27-Jan-13 16:56pm View
Are there multiple students? If so how do you plan to separate the information for each of them?
In a client/server architecture, you can choose to store local data at the client and the authentication at the server. (especially if you plan on using text files), else I'd suggest changing your approach to a database model. I only have a slight understanding of your problem, but I appreciate the fact that YOU ARE TRYING, so I'll help in anyway I can-just give me some context.
Hariharan Arunachalam 27-Jan-13 16:50pm View
You are almost recreating the whole div? or are you trying to 'add a row to a table' effect on button click? A little context would be helpful!
Hariharan Arunachalam 27-Jan-13 16:37pm View
Any sort of server-side on this? Or did the test actually intend you to connect via HTTP to a database in js and do the said task?
Hariharan Arunachalam 27-Jan-13 16:22pm View
To use TCP based com in the form of a 'lobby' you'd need to know the ip and ports of the remote clients or the server information at the client. Otherwise you can scan all possible ip+port combinations. (Not a good idea. At all!). I'd suggest using a UDP broadcast to connect to the server and then you could switch to TCP for the rest of the communication. Sounds good?
Hariharan Arunachalam 27-Jan-13 16:19pm View
This isn't a question. It's a request. I'd redirect you to something like . Or you could do it yourself and ask in cases where you hit specific problems. That's what this community is good at.
Good luck.
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Apr-11 7:17am View
Small note: Pasting javascript into the address bar is NOT possible in IE9. Don't know about IE8 and company.
It just goes into the search engine.
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Apr-11 1:08am View
Could you elaborate on the way the object is to be stored into the text file? And your source collection.
Hariharan Arunachalam 29-Apr-11 0:18am View
If you are looking for a flash player, you are in the wrong section. Could you be a little more specific on your requirements, as in what section is to be written in what language. Maybe then someone could help you out.
itb.hari 23-Mar-11 1:19am View
Thanks again Dave.
Been sleeplessly trying to find out an alternative database to use. Thinking of using an IMDB. But can't find any that can work and integrate with .Net.
Any suggestions?
itb.hari 22-Mar-11 3:21am View
Thank you Dave for explaining one of the things I was looking for.
On a side note, I am not retrieving the entire table. There is a status field that is set on a field when the first client fetches it. (As many clients do different levels of processing on the row). The next client has to wait until the previous client bumps the status flag to its level (XSD Query-> SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Status = 2).
I now have concerns if this could be because most of the queries use SELECT *. Would it make a difference if I used each field name? I need all the columns in most cases. Is there a performance issue between the both?
itb.hari 21-Mar-11 7:54am View
I had considered this solution at first too. But as it turns on, new rows are added at about every 3 to 7 secs. So Almost each time, I know that there is data to be retrieved. Its that part that is the problem.
I will give this a try too.
itb.hari 8-Mar-11 13:01pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
A nice and simple way of putting things on the right track
itb.hari 8-Mar-11 6:26am View
Yes that will do it. I also want to add a correction at this point, as if the filesize is too small we might override the default timeout.
So I've changed
Smtp.Timeout = attachments.Sum(Function(Item) (DirectCast(Item, MailAttachment).Size / 1024)) * 1000
Smtp.Timeout = Math.Max(attachments.Sum(Function(Item) (DirectCast(Item, MailAttachment).Size / 1024)), 100) * 1000

And so you need to add this small piece to yours:
Dim timeout As Integer
Dim mailAtt As MailAttachment
For x As Integer = 0 To attachments.Length - 1
mailAtt = DirectCast(attachments(x), MailAttachment)
timeout = timeout + ((mailAtt.Size / 1024))
Smtp.Timeout = Math.Max(timeout, 100) * 1000

Could you tell me what exactly are the places that encounter problems with 2.0 or 3.5?
itb.hari 8-Mar-11 4:25am View
Thank you!
I've got the complete implementation of a mailer client that I will be uploading soon. Running tests and functional analysis on it now.
itb.hari 7-Mar-11 4:57am View
itb.hari 7-Mar-11 4:55am View
Anyways fixed the issue with bigger files.
Add a SMTPClient timeout. The default of 100s is not enough for 500kb files on a non-broadband connection apparently. :(
itb.hari 7-Mar-11 4:54am View
The reason is because I have to deal with huge chunks of reporting data.
CSV files around 100Mb :)
itb.hari 7-Mar-11 4:13am View
I seem to be getting a Operation Timed Out Exception when trying to send a 530kb image file as attachment.

I think a complete implementation of these classes in will make sure that the incessant queries and unavailability of any usable code are addressed.
Will provide link here once i test this out with at least a 50Mb file.

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