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virusstorm 4-Aug-17 6:33am View    
You are looking for their perspective APIs for each of them. Keep in mind, they all do security differently so you will have to authenticate the user differently for each of them.

OneDrive -
Google Drive -
Dropbox -
virusstorm 4-Aug-17 6:28am View    
Can you double check your sample data? Your query is working exactly as it should. The code "DAB" only exists in TableB so when you left join it to TableA, you are only getting the entries in TableA and any matches found in TableB.
virusstorm 3-Aug-17 15:17pm View    
Two possibilities. First, you might be running the 32-bit JVM in which case try running the 64-bit JVM. Second, try taking a looking at the config and see what location it trying to use for the temp directory. Make sure the user this runs under can access it.
virusstorm 3-Aug-17 14:43pm View    
The documentation uses and as examples. So you will either need to setup an additional domain or sub-domain. If you can't do this, your only other option is setup a virtual directory.
virusstorm 3-Aug-17 13:12pm View    
Your connection string is trying to use the OLE provider:

This means you need to have the provider installed on any machine that the application will run on. As RyanDev said, check out for various ways to connect to an Oracle DB.