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Comments by Marc Clifton (Top 22 by date)

Marc Clifton 29-Nov-21 8:48am View    
I posted a proper working example.
Marc Clifton 29-Nov-21 8:48am View    
My example was quite fubar'd, though the concept was ok. I posted a full working example.
Marc Clifton 29-Nov-21 8:22am View    
Agreed - there is much wrong with the original code example that I didn't bother to address. And my example was wrong. I posted a correct full example.
Marc Clifton 15-Nov-19 9:13am View    
What are you using for the REST client? Did you verify you're setting POST or GET correctly (I would assume POST). Are you serializing the REST body and passing in to the REST client? As there are both parameters on the URL as well as what body, you have to do both. Where's the C# code? "What I have tried" should show your C# code, not the JSON data.
Marc Clifton 17-Jan-19 8:27am View    
Yes, I've been adding the urn. No affect.