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D-Kishore 12-Nov-19 3:50am View
Thanks David, for clearing my clarifications.
D-Kishore 12-Nov-19 1:12am View
Thanks you, But the we are using that FirstOrdefault(), I thought that this will take care if the value had null also.
D-Kishore 15-Nov-17 3:52am View
Hi, Do you have any sample application? If you have please post here. Thanks
D-Kishore 26-Apr-16 23:56pm View
The below code works fine in .net desktop applications. But the same code not working in .net we applications. its throwing "'>' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 1, position 50".


string URL = "*";
XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(URL);
catch(Exception ex)
D-Kishore 26-Apr-16 23:56pm View
The below code works fine in .net desktop applications. But the same code not working in .net we applications. its throwing "'>' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 1, position 50".


string URL = "*";
XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(URL);
catch(Exception ex)
D-Kishore 25-Apr-16 1:09am View
It was working fine with same code last month. This issue came suddenly. Is there any need to update the XML DLL references to the project.
D-Kishore 7-Jul-15 8:58am View
ok i will try that, but still doubt how with IP its working
D-Kishore 7-Jul-15 8:47am View
I am accessing like http://localhost/application and http://ipaddress/application
D-Kishore 7-Jul-15 8:25am View
no error it is showing blank page
D-Kishore 7-Jul-15 8:19am View
Thanks for replying,
1. I am trying to access the application same deployment server using localhost\Application. this is not working.But access the application same deployment server using Ip address\Application it is working.

Actually any of the deployed application can be accessed using localhost\application for the local deployment sever.

2. as per your suggestion i have tried to debug the application in development server. there is no issues it is working fine.i am unable to debug the application on the deployment server due to restriction of installing VS2010.

I am trying with any other posibilites.
D-Kishore 22-May-15 9:03am View
Yes you are correct, but i have replaced all the files then only i deployed to the server, no luck
D-Kishore 11-May-15 5:30am View
Thanks Ahmed, I will check and let you know
D-Kishore 11-May-15 4:20am View
Hi Ahmed, in that case for the first error: it should fail when running the application in framework 3.5 with server 2008 r2 also right.But there its running perfectly. i am having the issue in framework 4, windows server 2012 r2 only.
D-Kishore 1-Sep-14 2:31am View
Yes you are right both IIS and geoserver are in the same system, how can i use only one of them. Please guide me.
I am calling geoserver wms layer in my web application. it works fine in IE.
D-Kishore 21-May-14 7:43am View
Yes prasad, what you are saying is correct,
I also tested with 160 simple tables, all the images are generated with out any issue,
Problem is that if we have large data tables even single image is not generated.
D-Kishore 20-May-14 6:10am View
One thing that you are saying that we can not pass very large data over URL.
In this case,
here not generated(87 tables) image data over URL(9412 characters) is lesser than the generated(86 tables) image data over URL(75900 characters).
If it is working for 86 tables and why its not working for 87 tables.
If we have 86 tables, I am generating only first table.its working fine.
If I have 87 tables also I am generating only first table. why its not working.
Please help me out prasad.
D-Kishore 20-May-14 3:37am View
Hi, Thanks prasad,
Yes for testing purpose I am creating image for only one table.<br>
If I have 87 tables, your code also showing blank page.<br>
what you have forked sample is having 86 tables, so your code is working there.<br>
I am having doubt now is there any limitations for the tables.
D-Kishore 20-May-14 0:19am View
Hi, See my latest updates, I have written the code.
D-Kishore 16-Jan-14 6:14am View
What i understood here is your CheckBoxList3 contains with all 5 connections strings with checkboxes, here if you select first check box you want access first connection string or if you select 2nd check box you want access second connection string.

If i am right tell me one thing, are you allowing multi selection from CheckBoxList3.
If not check CheckBoxList3.selecteditem or index==0 fire 1st connection string if it is==1 fire 2nd connection string.
D-Kishore 16-Jan-14 5:20am View
in the below code you are calling strmysqlcon2 and strmysqlcon8, I have a doubt where you declared these strings and assigning.
MySqlConnection myconn = new MySqlConnection(strmysqlcon2);
MySqlConnection myconn1 = new MySqlConnection(strmysqlcon8);
D-Kishore 23-Dec-13 1:48am View
But its working XP sp2 with IIS 5.1 and microsoft office professional plus 2007
D-Kishore 20-Dec-13 2:36am View
With out IIS its working, when i connected to the IIS i am getting this error?
D-Kishore 20-Dec-13 0:46am View
Here I am using XP sp2 and iis 5.1, where I need to give permission
D-Kishore 20-Dec-13 0:45am View
Yes i am running from the web only where I need to give permission.Please help me
D-Kishore 16-Dec-13 4:27am View
Hi Tadit,

When I search this key {91493442-5A91-11CF-8700-00AA0060263B} inside the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT-->TypeLib

the key found at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Woe6432Node\Interface\{{91493442-5A91-11CF-8700-00AA0060263B}}

Inside this 3 folders

ProxyStubClsid-inside this
default key:{00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

ProxyStubClsid32-inside this
default key:{00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

TypeLib-inside this
default key:{91493440-5A91-11CF-8700-00AA0060263B}
D-Kishore 16-Dec-13 3:11am View
Yes i searched with this key, key was found but i am unable to see like 1.8.
Here i can see folders like InprocHandler, InprocHandler32,localserver,localserver32, progid,versionindependentprogid.
D-Kishore 16-Dec-13 2:16am View
Yes its installed.
D-Kishore 16-Dec-13 2:15am View
yes vs2010,iis and office all 3 installed on the same machine
D-Kishore 16-Dec-13 1:05am View
but its working fine with without iis
D-Kishore 14-Nov-13 1:06am View
Yes sergey I am checking your links,
But I don't know why i am not getting even i am maintaining 100% width and height.
D-Kishore 13-Nov-13 23:52pm View
hi Mohan, if i give height in % the div is not showing on the screen
D-Kishore 13-Nov-13 23:42pm View
Yes sergey, what you are saying is correct.
I have gone through what the links you have given in my previous question.
I tried but, even If i browse the application in high resolution monitor, when i click first slide div it is opening and remaining 2 slide divs are going invisible.

but in my monitor, remaining 2 slide divs are placed at the bottom just before the footer div.

I am not getting any idea to move further. please guide me.
D-Kishore 13-Nov-13 22:26pm View
Yes I checked this but, i did't get any success.
D-Kishore 13-Nov-13 5:53am View
Yes I changed it, but no success, kindly guide me.
D-Kishore 13-Nov-13 4:21am View
But every place I used 100% width and height only
D-Kishore 24-Oct-13 5:10am View
means when post back done white screen comes first then displaying the main screen controls.
D-Kishore 24-Oct-13 3:17am View
I tried this, when I select the checkbox in the event I am making display none. its not working
D-Kishore 24-Oct-13 3:15am View
Hi Trushnak,

I tried this, In this case divs are not flickered but flashing is happening.
D-Kishore 22-Oct-13 22:12pm View
here I am using chrome,I am not getting any error, if I am in the last slide at this point of time if I click next button it should move left and first slide should come to the place from right side.
In this case When I click next last slide should move left and first slide should come from the right.

In the above it is not happening when I click next in the last slide, last slide moving right and first slide coming from left.
D-Kishore 22-Oct-13 22:11pm View
I am not getting any error, if I am in the last slide at this point of time if I click next button it should move left and first slide should come to the place.
In this case When I click next last slide should move left and first slide should come from the right.

In the above it is not happening when I click next in the last slide, last slide moving right and first slide coming from left.
D-Kishore 18-Oct-13 7:47am View
I am also having the same issue,
I am having 3 gridviews on the same page, here I am using three different link buttons on the page.I am assigning each gridview to link button.

Now the requirement got changed like, we want all three grid view on the same page. so we need to move side by side grid views. like if I click right button first grid goes to left 2nd grid comes in.....
D-Kishore 17-Oct-13 6:14am View
Hi Hatim,

I used UpdatePanel, No success, kindly provide other way what you have.
D-Kishore 17-Oct-13 5:58am View
you mean that I need to keep hidden field in UpdatePanel.
D-Kishore 17-Oct-13 0:40am View
Hi pankaj,

Here I have a doubt, If it GridView1.Visible=False,I am unable to generate the image-Why because if the Grid in invisible state the html can not be generated.

In my case we have mutltiple grids like grid1,grid2 and grid3.
In the page load we are binding all the grids, here grid1.visible=true, grid2.visible=false and grid3.visible=false.

Here we need to export all three grids to different images.grid1 is getting image but rest 2 grids not commming.
Is there any possible way to to generate image if the grid is invisible
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 7:40am View
yes its works great.
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 7:17am View
Thanks Panjaj, its great
mine 5+
Yes, I did this way, its works great.
But, is there any possibilities to write this function in button click event at code behind.
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 6:49am View
These java script function I am unable to wrote in button click event at codebehind.
because of this I am wrote the function in aspx page then I am calling the function in button click event using Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 6:44am View
Ok, I will explain.

Here I am converting my gridview to image.

For this I am using
<script type="text/javascript" src="Styles/html2canvas.js"></script>
<script type="text/Jscript">
function getvalue() {
var canvas1 = document.getElementById("myCanvas");
html2canvas(document.getElementById("kk"), {

onrendered: function (canvas1) {

var image = canvas1.toDataURL("image/png");
image = image.replace('data:image/png;base64,', '');
document.getElementById("hdnResultValue").value = image;

using the hidden field data in my button click event I am exporting as a image.
string codeBehindValue = hdnResultValue.Value;
string fileNameWitPath = path + DateTime.Now.ToString().Replace("/", "-").Replace(" ", "- ").Replace(":", "") + ".png";

using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(fileNameWitPath, FileMode.Create))

using (BinaryWriter bw = new BinaryWriter(fs))

byte[] data = Convert.FromBase64String(codeBehindValue);




D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 6:37am View
But I need to fire this function in button click event only.
Kindly suggest any other possibilities.
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 6:35am View
Hi, here I have given just example.
In my initial requirement I am doing some calculations and storing that value to hidden filed.
D-Kishore 9-Oct-13 5:43am View
Hi pankaj, Thanks for the reply,

I am completed 75%.Here I am not getting proper image.

Please post your working sample to my below mail ID.
This is my maid Id:
D-Kishore 7-Oct-13 0:45am View
My requirement is to add grid view to power point 2007.
For this I need to convert first grid view to image then second I am pushing the image to ppt.

If you have any ideas please let me know.
D-Kishore 6-Oct-13 23:20pm View
Hi pankaj, this is for win forms.
But here I am working with web forms.
D-Kishore 4-Oct-13 7:30am View
Yes Prasad, i understood what you are saying.
in the above code we are using CssData as null, How can I pass css styles here.
I am not getting any idea how to provide css styles here.

If possible can give me any example
D-Kishore 4-Oct-13 5:39am View
here we need to provide the Url to get the image.Its fine.

In my case i need to save gridview as image.
D-Kishore 30-Sep-13 22:46pm View
Hi, Thanks for the response

I tried this example,but i am getting empty slide.
Kindly tell me what might be the reason.
D-Kishore 27-Sep-13 7:42am View
Except openxml, i tried all the links,

Kindly suggest me
D-Kishore 27-Sep-13 7:40am View
Except openxml, i tried all the links

Kindly suggest do you have any otherthan this links.
D-Kishore 4-Sep-13 3:17am View
Hi ridoy,
Thanks for the reply.

In this case if the page is not in ideal even after 10 minutes it will redirecting to the login page.
D-Kishore 12-Jun-13 23:28pm View
Yes you are right, is there any solution to get the full list.
still i have confusion- why in Domain A getting full list and why in Domain B not getting full list.
D-Kishore 26-Mar-13 2:23am View
Thank you Irina
D-Kishore 22-Mar-13 5:20am View
Thank you so much, I solved this issue yesterday night.
Mine 5+.

One more thing when I use the this styles for combo, if the combo contains more than 100 items will get the verticalscroll bar. Here if i move scrollbar up and down at this time if i click on the combobox togglebutton items are drop downed 2nd time(actually if i click toggele button it has to collaps).
D-Kishore 20-Mar-13 23:17pm View
Dear Irina,

I did what you said, its displaying fastly, but its taking entire width and its loading 2 times.
first time its displaying left corner of the application than its occupied the entire application.

And there is no removed property for ScrollViewer.
here I am confused, can you please explain with full code.
D-Kishore 19-Mar-13 23:33pm View
Can you please explain, how can I access resource dictionary in usercontrol
D-Kishore 19-Mar-13 22:50pm View
But If I remove the style everything working fine Abhinav.

And also i modified the code like below.

ObservableCollection<string> sampleData = new ObservableCollection<string>();
DataTable dtZipList = new DataTable();
dtZipList = objIED_DAL.GetListOfZip(ConnectionStr, selectedCountry, selectedState, selectedCounty, selectedaggregate).Tables[0];
string Zip = string.Empty;
if (dtZipList.Rows.Count > 0)
foreach (DataRow dr in dtZipList.Rows)
Zip = dr["ZIP_CODE"].ToString();
cmbDataBase.ItemsSource = sampleData;

Even though when I click the combobox its taking more time to popup.
D-Kishore 15-Mar-13 0:13am View
Its ADO.NET datatable only. here we are using the stored procedure.
from the stored procedure I will get the data via block by block, these block data I need to store in to the .CSV file.
D-Kishore 7-Mar-13 5:51am View
Yes you are correct sergey, I also wondered when I saw Threadstart,

At the same when I was altering my code I have used Action instead of Threadstart.

Thanks Sergey and Zang.
D-Kishore 7-Mar-13 0:31am View
Thanks Sergey, find and intimate the bug in my code
D-Kishore 7-Mar-13 0:30am View
Thank you so much Zang, Now I can see what mistake I did.
mine 5+
D-Kishore 6-Mar-13 23:58pm View
Yes Sergey, here I am confused.

Actually my problem is when the database loading I want to display like loading..(running image) on the UI.

Kindly suggest me.
D-Kishore 6-Mar-13 1:21am View
Thank you so much Max,
Its works fine.
mine 5+
D-Kishore 6-Mar-13 0:30am View
Yes its fine,

but In my application TwoUserControl is dependent on the OneUserControl.
When I use above code at the same time two controls are loading.

Once the user clicks on the button from OneUserControl then only TwoUserControl should load.

can you have any idea about this.
D-Kishore 6-Mar-13 0:22am View
Thank you so much, its works fine.
mine 5+
D-Kishore 26-Feb-13 4:41am View
Thank you so much
Mine 5+
D-Kishore 29-Jan-13 4:48am View
This is fine amit, But here also we need to recode in each page.
D-Kishore 27-Jan-13 22:09pm View
Yes uday i followed this,

when i use this authorization
deny users="?" /deny
My design is not displayed.
D-Kishore 21-Jan-13 22:27pm View
Yes i understood what you are saying,

At the start we planed to design all the controls in same window,like different panels.

I mean login in one panel and export in another panel.

once the mainwindow loaded we are displaying only login panel, once the authentication done we disabling the login panel and displaying export panel.

if we follow this at the designing time we are facing problems like send to back and bring front of the panels arrangements.

For this reason we planned to implement different pages in same window.Because of that i posted this question in code project.

D-Kishore 7-Nov-12 2:09am View
i am checking your links in detail
D-Kishore 7-Nov-12 0:57am View
D-Kishore 6-Nov-12 23:24pm View
Hi Sergey, i understood what you are saying.
But i am confused, how should i proceed in my requirement.
D-Kishore 5-Nov-12 5:53am View
Thank you so much nelson.
My 5+
D-Kishore 5-Nov-12 5:53am View
Here counttrue() counts the non matched "W".
in the above given example will return 3.
D-Kishore 29-Oct-12 2:29am View
Hi Sergey,

my problem is like, in my application i have two buttons export and cancel.
In Export button i am starting one thread that will do exporting sql database table information to the .csv file.When the user click cancel button i am aborting the thread and deleting the exported .csv file from the system.

Here when user click the cancel button i am unable to delete file i am getting the error "unable to access the file, it was using other process".

for that purpose i got the solution from CP we need to use join() after abort() the thread.Here while join() time application get freeze some time, then it will delete the file.
D-Kishore 23-Oct-12 6:14am View
Don't be angry, my question is like while terminating the thread, why its hangs?
And with out using Join(); file can't be delete we will get the as mentioned above.
D-Kishore 23-Oct-12 4:28am View
Hi OriginalGriff, Here i added code,kindly check the code and let me know what might be the problem
D-Kishore 23-Oct-12 0:06am View
if we are not joining the thread while deleting we will get the error like "the file used by some other process, we cant access the file.
D-Kishore 23-Oct-12 0:05am View
I updated question with my full code. kidnly check
D-Kishore 16-Oct-12 6:20am View
What is the datatype you are using for Lupdate column in sql sever table.
D-Kishore 5-Oct-12 5:54am View
mine 4
D-Kishore 3-Oct-12 6:46am View
Thanks Zoltan, according to your suggestion i will rebuild the code.
D-Kishore 3-Oct-12 2:45am View
Hi Zoltan,Thanks for the reply,
here the thread is aboritg() properly,but at the joing time only its taking some time
D-Kishore 24-Sep-12 2:18am View
Make keypriview=false and try once
D-Kishore 24-Sep-12 1:55am View
Kindly give me one example(output)
D-Kishore 21-Sep-12 2:08am View
Thanks a lot,
It works fine
mine is 5+
D-Kishore 21-Sep-12 1:57am View
using simple thread.
thrThreadExportProcess = new Thread(() => startExport(csvPath));
thrThreadExportProcess.IsBackground = true;
D-Kishore 21-Sep-12 1:54am View
Yes Amit,

Here i am using thread for export button.
When user hit the cancel button here i am aborting the thread. after aborting the thread i am deleting the file.while deleting the file i am getting the exception like 'The process cannot access the file 'D:\myCSVfile.csv' because it is being used by another process.'
Kindly give me an idea
D-Kishore 13-Sep-12 2:36am View
We need to purchage that component, so i am trying in different way,
That's why i posted this question.

Do you have any other solution.
D-Kishore 12-Sep-12 2:34am View
we need to export these datatable data to .csv file
D-Kishore 11-Sep-12 7:27am View
Thanks you so much
D-Kishore 10-Sep-12 23:55pm View
Lina thnaks for your reply,
I have one more doubt, for suppose we purchaged this tool and used in my c# windows application then i created setup file and installed different many systems(here i need clarification that we need to install spire.dataexport component in these systems or what).

after one year if the lisence will get expires, at the time the application those installed systems will run or it will ask for lisence renual.

Kindly let me know please.
D-Kishore 10-Sep-12 6:50am View
Hi Lina thanks for your help..
I am accepting your answer, but if possible can you figure out my above question(Commented).
D-Kishore 10-Sep-12 6:12am View
suppose if i purchage this tool, how long time it takes to copy 50 lakhs records.

if any one knows please tell me
D-Kishore 10-Sep-12 6:00am View
Ok thanks pandvi.
D-Kishore 10-Sep-12 1:54am View
yes Lina i tried with your code in using access only,
Eventhough its copying only 41 records, its skipping rest of all entries.
D-Kishore 9-Sep-12 23:52pm View
this is the code i am using

string NewconnectionString = ConnectionStringsClass.DBSqlServerConstringSQLAuth;
SqlConnection spContentConn = new SqlConnection(NewconnectionString);
string sqlselectQuery = "select * from LAH_TRANSFORMED_DATA.dbo.TXT_W2H_Test_B01_10KM_10";
SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand(sqlselectQuery, spContentConn);

sqlCmd.CommandTimeout = 0;
sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
Spire.DataExport.TXT.TXTExport txtExport1 = new Spire.DataExport.TXT.TXTExport();
txtExport1.SQLCommand = sqlCmd;
txtExport1.ExportType = Spire.DataExport.TXT.TextExportType.CSV;
txtExport1.FileName = @"C:\myCSVfile.csv"; //"sample.csv";

its working but its not copying all the records, its copied only 40 rows. why
D-Kishore 9-Sep-12 23:50pm View
I think something missing in the above code,
i am getting error like

"Data source (Command) property has not been initialized.
D-Kishore 9-Sep-12 23:42pm View
Lina i ahave small doubt, in the above code how you are executing (oleDbCommand1.CommandText = "select * from table";) and binding to data export component.

can you give me full code part
D-Kishore 7-Sep-12 2:49am View
Lina can you tell me where we can download this Data Export Component
D-Kishore 7-Sep-12 2:08am View
here i am using sql database
D-Kishore 7-Sep-12 0:30am View
did you mean that i need to export data to .csv file using storedproc
D-Kishore 6-Sep-12 2:16am View
why you are positng same question again, delete any of your question
D-Kishore 5-Sep-12 3:35am View
If i put break point its working, otherwise its not working
D-Kishore 5-Sep-12 2:58am View
The same code is working for me
D-Kishore 5-Sep-12 2:54am View
Key press event for what control
D-Kishore 5-Sep-12 2:41am View
can you share your code
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 6:02am View
Thanks Ridoy
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 5:07am View
Mine 5
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 3:55am View
Reason for my vote of 5
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 3:07am View
fine mine 5 :)
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 2:42am View
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 1:39am View
Yes you should try google
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 1:38am View
Good Links 5
D-Kishore 4-Sep-12 0:42am View
Thanks TorstenH
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 7:04am View
This is not an answer, kindly click on Hava a question or comment then ask your doubts
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 6:44am View
Thanks dmunisubbu
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 6:21am View
yes its true
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 5:58am View
yes 5
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 3:59am View
Thank you dmunisubbu
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:58am View
nice 5
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:39am View
Reason for my vote of 5
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:32am View
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:26am View
nice links 5
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:25am View
nice 5:)
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 2:14am View
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:50am View
missing code
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:46am View
good :)
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:45am View
good 5:)
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:32am View
yes its fine 5 :)
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:20am View
good 5:)
D-Kishore 3-Sep-12 1:18am View
its fine links 5
D-Kishore 31-Aug-12 5:41am View
nice 5:)
D-Kishore 30-Aug-12 3:05am View
Give us clear example of input and output of data
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 7:06am View
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 7:05am View
Its nice
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 6:53am View
Yes Its working
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 6:41am View
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 6:10am View
yes its true
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 6:00am View
it is running under the thread or sql stored procedure or what?
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 1:53am View
I am also having the same problem. Kindly help me
D-Kishore 29-Aug-12 1:19am View
Reason for my vote of 5
nice sample
D-Kishore 28-Aug-12 6:57am View
Reason for my vote of 4
D-Kishore 28-Aug-12 3:50am View
oh i am sorry, my page not updated here.
D-Kishore 28-Aug-12 3:22am View
Thanks TR
D-Kishore 28-Aug-12 1:57am View
Hi, convert the code using below link
D-Kishore 28-Aug-12 1:49am View
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 7:05am View
Need more Explanation about this question
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 3:55am View
Hi dude post your solution,Others may use your solution
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 3:34am View
i dont have any meterials,
i am also learning this for my comming new project from IBM.
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 3:30am View
Yes, firewall configured to allow the access
all the systems are under same config and same OS
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 3:16am View
Go with Dot spatial tool
D-Kishore 27-Aug-12 3:01am View
Please update the DLL
D-Kishore 27-Jul-12 7:24am View
yes i understood that, but my question is like, in the above code they are using Oracletype.Cursor so what we can write to convert sql sqldbtype."-----"
D-Kishore 26-Jul-12 5:59am View
here we are migrating oracle database to sql.
in the code part,
Oracle part:
arrayParameter[0] = new SqlParameter(IODDALConstants.GetL3CompanyDescRefCur, OracleType.Cursor);

i need to convert it to Sql part:
arrayParameter[0] = new SqlParameter(IODDALConstants.GetL3CompanyDescRefCur, SqldbType.Cursor);

is it correct or not let me know
D-Kishore 23-Jul-12 1:47am View
Kindly let me know how get the particular bcp process id while using concurrent users.
D-Kishore 13-Jul-12 5:06am View
Dear GanesanSenthilvel,

can you please explain it
D-Kishore 13-Jul-12 3:39am View
Dear GanesanSenthilvel,

can you please explain it
D-Kishore 11-Jul-12 23:54pm View
Hi Wes, can you please explain me how to get the list of all the processes from the production machine.
D-Kishore 2-Jul-12 7:23am View
Dear sinhasourabh,

Thanks for your reply,
you mean that i need to fetch process of my applcation process id or stored procedure process id.
i tried fetch my application process id, entire applicaion is closing.
how to get the running bcp process id. Kindly let me know
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D-Kishore 2-Jul-12 6:48am View
Dear sinhasourabh,

Thanks for your reply,
you mean that i need to fetch process of my applcation process id or stored procedure process id.
i tried fetch my application process id, entire applicaion is closing.
how to get the running bcp process id. Kindly let me know