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Karthik. A 21-Jan-16 13:36pm View    
Seriously, down voter - care to say why?
Karthik. A 26-Nov-13 11:30am View    
Check this updated fiddle! -
Karthik. A 26-Nov-13 10:56am View    
Don't worry about it, once you replace "/some/url" to to your Url.Action call, it should just work out of the box! So unless you try, it is going to be confusing. To begin with, try to understand the sample I provided. Once you do that you will get the picture of how your page could put this to use! Read through an introduction to jquery - and then get back to my example! Let us know how it went!
Karthik. A 26-Nov-13 10:49am View    
You can always replace "/some/url" w/ @Url.Action. Do you see e.preventDefault in the jquery part? When a user clicks on the link, it prevents the default action (which is redirecting the user to the delete page/action) and then displays a dialog. If and only if the user clicks on "Yes", the actual action is carried out!
Karthik. A 7-Nov-13 14:45pm View    
There are 2 possibilities - One, if Page A has to present dynamic content to be presented, you can use ajax to reload parts of data. Two - if there is just static information, why would you want to update/refresh the page, unless the user wants it to be refreshed? Simplest possible way to refresh entire page without user action is using meta tags - But I really do not advice using this! May be you can elaborate your question to get pertinent answers!