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Iron-Eagle 7-Oct-13 2:34am View
What is general about this question?? I asked for a very specific task. Sending me to do my research is not exactly the help I seek here. Trust me I tried to find it on my own and if I had I would not come here.
The answer can be very quick - Go to Menu A, select Menu B - In case the person answering know the answer, of course.

Thanks for you time.
Iron-Eagle 6-Oct-13 11:02am View
I am sorry, I do not think I understand what you mean.
Iron-Eagle 6-Oct-13 11:01am View
I am sorry, I did not understand what you mean.
Iron-Eagle 6-Oct-13 9:58am View
This is an MSBuild extension pack. It does not explain how to run this from WITHIN VS 2012, which was my main question.
Iron-Eagle 20-Sep-12 1:56am View
The generated OutDir is:
Iron-Eagle 12-Jun-12 7:17am View
I am using windows 7.
As for True-Type fonts - How can I check it?
Can you suggest font that surely should work?

Iron-Eagle 8-Apr-12 11:08am View
Of course I did.
Other openGL applications work fine.
Iron-Eagle 9-Feb-12 5:34am View
It really worked in init.
Iron-Eagle 9-Feb-12 5:32am View
I understand that the problem here is that the fonts that used are different, and what I need to change are fonts, not the sizes. I try to set flag DS_SETFONT and add the required header but it has very strange effect. ActivateWlsMsgDialog is being called constantly with WM_SETFONT flag, regardless what I return.

Any Ideas?
Iron-Eagle 17-Oct-11 15:03pm View
Well... you can see this Spy++ information, before and after the MoveWindow call.
I can extract the same information from the parent window if you like.[^]
Iron-Eagle 17-Oct-11 11:23am View
Sorry, it does not help.
As you can see, I am doing exactly what they are - taking clientRect and placing child window inside. I am giving coordinates of start - (0,0), yet it starts from much below it.
Iron-Eagle 17-Oct-11 11:03am View
That is exactly what I want. I receive drawable area of the size (600, 300). So why when I try to move child window inside it I only get (584,297)?
It seem like In child window somehow ClientRect != WindowRect after MoveWindow and I do not understand why? They were completely equal before.
In addition, if you will look at the picture, you will see that is starts to draw not at 0,0 but at another point, like it leaving some space no idea for what.