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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 26-Mar-18 9:53am View
Reducing query speed could be achieved by making the query more complex. Since you have not specified by what factor you'd like to reduce the speed it's kind of hard to say.
It may also be the case you just want to speed up your query, but you didn't ask for that. ;)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 21-Oct-16 13:01pm View
Thanks for the link, that looks interesting! :thumbup:
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Sep-15 10:03am View
This is not a solution. Ask this kind of thing in a comment to OPs question.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Aug-15 16:58pm View
Don't post your credentials please. That will open your account to all kinds of abuse. Please change your password as quickly as possible.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Jul-15 16:18pm View
Sorry, but I can't help you with that either. You'd better ask the person or community from which you obtained this assignment. Sometimes details like this are given in the lecture.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Jul-15 15:16pm View
I can't see any of the statements you used like inputbox and sub. Why don't you just adhere to what is used in the given examples?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Jul-15 14:58pm View
What kind of pseudo code are you supposed to use? Maybe your course material has details on that. :D
This smelleth distinctly of "laborare ad domum" ;)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-May-15 9:31am View
I keep on being astounded by how a very clear error message keeps people from finding the solution by themselves. Have a five! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 25-Mar-15 7:01am View
Your question was already answered. Don't repost questions over and over. It is a quick way to get kicked from this site.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 26-Feb-15 13:01pm View
You should ask the original poster of the question. This was just my advice of what could be tried to solve this.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Jan-15 5:44am View
According to the grammar definition you gave the first line should also contain an error. While your grammar definition does allow for variable declarations it does not allow variable initialization. Also the for statement you are showing under the label "correct code" is still broken. Have a close look at the parenthesis () and braces {}.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Dec-14 15:55pm View
Created link! <a href="..."> ... </a>
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Dec-14 13:34pm View
Did you actually read the source code you posted. Of course Stream s gets used.
"new StreamReader(s)" how's that for usage.

Take a break!

Get some coffee, or whatever!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Dec-14 6:30am View
This looks like abuse. You were already told what the issue is.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Dec-14 2:48am View
This looks more like an attempt at paging, but has nothing to do with OP's need to select random question until all questions have been at one point been selected.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Dec-14 2:30am View
Do not post your email address in a public forum, unless you really like SPAM that is.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Dec-14 2:24am View
Please explain with more detail what exactly you want to do.
What do you mean by "SQL Server code behind"?

So far this question leaves much to be desired and if you don't improve it will probably not find an answer.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Dec-14 8:26am View
What are you talking about? Please add more details!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Nov-14 15:22pm View
I didn't read your solution, sorry!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Oct-14 8:28am View
That isn't SPAM it's called abuse.
It is called SPAM if it is advertisement.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Oct-14 11:55am View
1. What exactly is the problem with the second one?
2. What do you mean by " no matter how they are entered."?
3. "Plus I want the code to give the difference between tow numbers" that goes contrary to what you posted in your question. There you said you wanted the percentage of the difference and not just the difference.

You need to be more precise.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Oct-14 11:49am View
Also note that OP is using the TextChanged event.
So there are likely to be some conversion exceptions.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Oct-14 11:47am View
Which is exactly what I said. Anything new in this solution?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 14-Oct-14 9:23am View
You have seemed to miss the obvious point that OP is trying to reverse engineer some assembly. From the tags of the question it might be something about Unity3D. Look for "// ISSUE: unable to decompile the method." in "OP's" code.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Oct-14 18:00pm View
Exactly! 5+
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 24-Sep-14 7:06am View
That will also do! 5+
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 24-Sep-14 7:03am View
Well you almost had it right.
Except that this: href = Regex.Replace(href, "[^a-zA-Z]", "");
Should read like this: href = Regex.Replace(href, "[^0-9]", "");

Anything NOT zero through nine should be replaced by "".

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Sep-14 6:35am View
When copying a solution verbatim from a web site you have to add a reference, otherwise it looks as if you wrote it yourself.
Plagiarism, even if ony in Q&A solutions, is not condoned here on CP.

Here is a link of where you copied it from:

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Sep-14 6:29am View
You forgot ... what? ;P
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Sep-14 6:20am View
I just downloaded the source for iTextSharp from Sourceforge at: iTextSharp-5.5.2. I only had a short peek at it and could not spot any closed source DLLs.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 21-Aug-14 0:49am View
So it is!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Jul-14 9:04am View
First you need to add more details:
1. Was this right away from the start or was it after something was changed?
2. Are there differences in the clients used on the 2nd floor compared to those on 3rd and 4th floor?
3. What is your network topology (e.g. is each floor in a own subnet, if yes see also 5.)?
4. What are the network components and how are they connected (network speeds etc. )?
5. Is the server in the same subnet as the clients on 3rd and 4th floor?

Please add these relevant details.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-Jul-14 8:20am View
And yes, HTML is usually rendered at runtime when using ASP.NET!
Dynamic image generation is not found quite as often, but it is also an option. Ever seen captchas?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-Jul-14 8:18am View
You seem confused! You are talking about a web application (see ASP.NET tag).
So of course you can use HTML and/or images. What do you think web pages rendered by ASP.NET consist of?
It's HTML,images, css, javascript etc.

What do you have to say about this? I'm very very curious!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Jun-14 21:05pm View
Converted to a real link. I wonder how long denizens of CP have to dwell here before they realize that it is indeed possible to put links into comments. It might as well be possible that they just can't be arsed to do so. (I've done so from mobile devices as well, so that excuse will not count.)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Jun-14 19:32pm View
There's just to much information in your post. Please do reduce this to an amount that will just about suffice for us to understand your problem. In this case the reduction factor may lay well above 100% or even multiples thereof.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jun-14 14:35pm View
And now what? you want us to provide you with a solution?
It's not going to happen. Show us what you've tried and we might be able to support you.
What kind of research have you done? What are your results so far?
Have you read this FAQ?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jun-14 14:21pm View
You did not understand what I was trying to tell you. The web server will be integrated into your software and installed/setup when your application is being installed. Have a look at Cassini for instance, there are more than enough samples out there on how to integrate or "embed" a webserver into your application.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jun-14 14:03pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n T
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jun-14 6:36am View
Need more details: Is the type of the column already datetime or is it string?
If you already have the correct type it is easy: you can use the property Month of DateTime DateTime.Month
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Mar-14 7:55am View
The question does not make any sense. "This is need to display the closed recent files using in notepad"
Surely you meant to say "... display the recently opened files analogous to notepad".

Is that what you meant to say?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Mar-14 5:40am View
Wikipedia, are you serious? For these kind of questions I know of only one source: requests for comment also known as RFCs. :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Feb-14 3:44am View
Answer modified, please see.
Maybe you should also edit your question and show us what you've tried sofar.

And one more thing: Maybe it's urgent for you, but not for us.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Feb-14 2:51am View
Still doesn't make much sense.
You should try to explain the use case for your scenario instead of trying to explain how you're trying to implement it.
So start by writing down what exactly you're modelling here without thinking about any implementation at all.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 24-Jan-14 10:34am View
I'm sorry, but your request can currently not be served.
The system keeps printing this message: "No free agents available, retry at a later time!"
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-Jan-14 9:51am View
Which part is it that is confusing you?
Having customer data and accounting information in the cloud does sound like a very bad idea to me.
Making backups regularily though is a very good idea.

What was your question?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 8:55am View
No, that means I want you to do some basic research yourself. before you start asking questions.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 8:50am View
Google it and read it please!
We're not here to write excerpts for you.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 8:05am View
Especially nasty when the program suddenly runs in a different locale.
One more reason for me not to touch, even if it were with a ten foot pole.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 7:43am View
That sounds interesting, but what is this conversion based on? Does it depend on the locale and is done at runtime or is it done at compile time?
Whichever way this is done it should always be done in a consistent manner. That's why I'd prefer to use a literal as it is consistently defined.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 7:23am View
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 7:13am View
No, that's not quite the truth. Given that the text is not too short and the length of the key is not too big, there are statistical means to break the code: Vigenére Cipher Cryptanalysis.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jan-14 6:52am View
My 5!
Apart from what you've found I already got distracted by the faulty Date literal.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Jan-14 16:10pm View
It's an article here on CP: Special Function(s) for C#
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 7-Jan-14 16:39pm View
Thank you!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 7-Jan-14 16:39pm View
Has this behaviour already been reported in the sugs & bugs forum?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 7-Jan-14 9:35am View
Thanks for the tip off. The link was indeed not the one that I previously entered. The part "evaluation" after the underscore somehow got lost. I fixed it now.
Thanks! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 7-Jan-14 7:59am View
"Actually short curcuit evaluation is not just an option"
I didn't say it was an option. It's a language feature just like I said in my introductory sentence.
Feel free to elaborate on what you were trying to tell me.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 18:33pm View
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 18:33pm View
Thank you!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 17:59pm View
Thanks, that's good to know! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 17:40pm View
I see an issue with c as TextBox. Won't that throw an exception when the control is not a TextBox?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 12:11pm View
I'm pretty sure it was more like 31,416, but I might be wrong! ;P
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 12:01pm View
I got bitten by that bug once and it took me some time to sort it out. So it kind of sticks now. :D
I always try not to mix side effects with boolean expressions, but there's always some exception that makes it easier to solve if you break that rule you otherwise so adamantly adhere to. ;)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Jan-14 11:56am View
I'm sorry, but you missed one important thing. It is called Short circuit evaluation. Since the right hand side is never evaluated in this scenario X will still be equal to ten.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Jan-14 4:43am View
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Jan-14 4:36am View
Thanks @thatraja, for fixing the link. I've no idea how that got fouled up.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Jan-14 4:11am View
My 5!
String.Format("{0}-{1}", stateCode.Text, ppoNo.Text) would also be an option.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Jan-14 3:48am View
Thanks you!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Jan-14 3:01am View
You need to explain a bit more about what you are up to. As it now stands it's absolutely unintelligible.
Are you maybe talking about files with a .reg extension?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Jan-14 10:28am View
Thanks! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Dec-13 7:16am View
First of all, don't write this as a solution. You should have used comments to the existing solutions instead.
Second, you didn't write anything in your question about your "real" problem. (I can't create a 2 level ...)
Third, you're being pretty rude: "This is not useful for me ..." and "So give me some useful guidence".
Fourth, you should be more "peofesional" yourself by using a spellchecker.

That's enough "guidence" from me right now.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 27-Dec-13 8:52am View
Consider the permission granted. Now go ahead and do it! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Dec-13 12:05pm View
So know how to cut and paste from an existing solution?
Good work there!
Reported as abuse.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Dec-13 10:04am View
Show what you have tried and where exactly you are stuck.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 19-Dec-13 7:16am View
Nice! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 19-Dec-13 7:14am View
Please rewrite this question. It doesn't make sense as it currently stands.
The title alone is misleading. What do you think does any sort of delay have to do with SQL injection?

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 13:35pm View
How about doing this homework yourself.
You might even learn something.
(I wouldn't count on it though)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 10:39am View
"And really, if it's such a big deal for you"
I was just pointing something out which you might have missed. No need to get you knickers in a twist.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 10:14am View
Then what is the point in answering with a .NET solution?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 9:48am View
Did you realise the question was tagged with VB6? :D
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 9:29am View
Don't post this as a solution. Either do as CHill60 advised or leave it as a comment beneath OP's Solution 1.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Dec-13 8:08am View
Don't repost the same question!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Dec-13 2:05am View
Help with what? Where is your question?
Before posting please do read this FAQ.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Dec-13 2:00am View
How can I accept something as a solution when I have not asked the question, hmmmmm?
That would be something OP would do and not I.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Dec-13 1:38am View
You've nailed it! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Dec-13 8:55am View
Now you are taking all the fun out of it! :D
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Dec-13 8:54am View
I knew I forgot something! ;P
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Dec-13 8:34am View
Adding in what I supplied OP should have no problem finishing it now. ;)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Dec-13 8:11am View
Nice one! 5+ :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Dec-13 8:25am View
"check the existence of referred data"
This can be hard to almost impossible if not using FK relationships.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Dec-13 8:21am View
Nice links, Raja!
Long live CodeProject!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Dec-13 6:59am View
Good advice! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Dec-13 5:57am View
An interesting question, but alas the AForge API doesn't seem to provide any help there.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 13-Dec-13 5:46am View
Thank you, Maciej!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Dec-13 14:59pm View
That would be a good idea, thanks!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Dec-13 13:53pm View
Not sure what user enters, but it may not be milliseconds. So there may be need for a Timer1.Interval = ValueFromUser * 1000;
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Dec-13 3:36am View
A code dump with a really meaningful title.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Dec-13 17:55pm View
Language and platform really don't matter that much here as long both support parallel processing. The question is if the algorithm itself can be processed in a parallel fashion. If f (n, m) would depend on f (n+x, m+y) with unknown limits to to the offsets, possibly also non-linear, it might even be impossible to calculate said for loop in parallel. Long story short, to know if it can be done we need the details of the algorithm you intend to implement.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Dec-13 11:04am View
I just saw that all of your four questions posted so far revolve around solving the Eight Queens puzzle.
When is your assignment due?
Any progress so far except non sensical code?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Dec-13 11:00am View
Yeah, sure a project! Hmmm, me thinks the class name eightQueen is a dead giveaway! :P
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Dec-13 8:18am View
You are welcome!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Nov-13 8:27am View
Account reported as abusive.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Nov-13 8:25am View
How rude! You don't demand anything, you take what advice we're ready to give Mr. CEO.
Why don't you google for code examples yourself?

Question voted as abuse!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Nov-13 8:23am View
How rude! You don't demand anything, you take what advice we're ready to give Mr. CEO.
Why don't you google for code examples yourself, there are countless examples to be found.

Question voted as abuse!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Nov-13 8:32am View
I was only trying to confuse OP with too many choices! ;P
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Nov-13 9:56am View
So why don't you debug it to see where it errs. If it errs at all that is, it might just be that there is a logical problem in your code.
Posting only a code dump with no sign of what you've tried is not the way to ask for help.
Read the FAQ on top of this page
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Nov-13 7:24am View
So how is this a better or more relevant answer than solution #2?
Another thing I should mention is that it is over two years old.

What are trying to pull off here?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Nov-13 17:47pm View
If there are no other restrictions apart from the capacity of the classrooms, what exactly are your difficulties then? Please show us what you've tried and where exactly your problem area is. The way you've described your requirement there is nothing keeping you from implementing it.

Do try to do it yourself and come back with more specific problem descriptions.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Nov-13 17:35pm View
Hmmm, and you were assigned this task exactly when?
Was it last Friday, two weeks, four weeks or two months ago?
I can show you nothing that you desire, but I'll foretell that you will most likely fail.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Nov-13 12:24pm View
There is something confusing me in what you wrote in your solution: "ArrayLists do not support the IEnumerable<t> interface, which allows them to use Linq extension methods."
I think it should be: "ArrayLists do not support the IEnumerable<t> interface, which would allow them to use Linq extension methods." or maybe "ArrayLists do not support the IEnumerable<t> interface, which prevents you from using Linq extension methods on them."
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 22:17pm View
OK, I've tasted several nice java blends and exclaimed "oops!" more than twice within four hours.
So what I need to know for sure: Am I qualified by your standards? ;P

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 21:36pm View
It is still not my question. I did not ask for advice, I was giving OP food for thought to come up with a more sensible question. :doh:
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 21:28pm View
You did understand correctly and should research the term "Volume Shadow Copy". That is what you are looking for.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 20:22pm View
I hope you realize that it's not I who asked the question. I see no sensible reason why you are replying to my comment on OP's rather diffuse question.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 16:51pm View
You're welcome! I believe you'll be able to work it out now.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 16:34pm View
The moveto method has the meaning to set the point from where the line will be drawn to with the lineto method. The DrawLine method passes both value pairs (coordinates) in one call. Everytime you see a lineto method call all you need to do is store the x and y component in variables which you then use in the call to DrawLine. Do try to do this yourself, it is easier than you may think.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Nov-13 13:42pm View
It's going to be a new OTD category: CASPOTD ;P
Code Admiration Soliciting Post Of The Day

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Nov-13 17:52pm View
"check if the weird is already present."
Since this is the Q&A the weird is always present.
Interesting side note: I think this misspelling does give one a sense of how the word "word" might be pronounced in your local dialect.
I might be wrong, but I've experienced similar glitches in my spelling where the pronounciation takes impact on the spelling of a homophone.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Nov-13 16:59pm View
You need to add some more detail of what exactly you want.
1. A session timeout
2. Membership deactivation after a certain time interval of inactivity
3. Membership deactivation because of an elapsed membership subscription

For 2. and 3. you might consider sending out an email notification of the impending deactivation.

What should it be?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Oct-13 12:18pm View
Well said, SA. 5+
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Oct-13 11:04am View
I don't understand it either, why somebody would want to do that. :)

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Oct-13 10:39am View
OP wants to change the column name as in his example, but he wants to append the current date. I don't think you can only do that by constructing the SQL statement and then execute it. The part after "as" can only be an identifier, I think.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Oct-13 17:30pm View
richcb edited OP's post to remove the SPAM.
The original question can still be seen when you click the versioning link, v2 in this case.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 19:24pm View
Now what exactly does a ROT13 cipher have to do with reversing words within a string.
You seem to be even more confused than OP.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 19:01pm View
Good catch, I couldn't make heads nor tails of the question. :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 17:39pm View
Solutions provide an answer, for comments please do use the comment feature.
Your actions have been reported.
Please adhere to the rules of this forum.

Thank you!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 16:02pm View
This is a repost! Don't repost questions!

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 14:02pm View
Have my five!
A slap on the wrist to OP has also been administered. :D
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 14:01pm View
So you think it appropriate to accept your own answer, even though André Kraak's solution helped you construct it in the first place. This is considered abuse and was already reported as such. If you are intending to stay here on CP for a bit longer please rectify this.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 13:52pm View
Thanks for participating in CP's Q&A forum. Please make sure that the question you asked has something to do with programming. The way it looks right now it seems more fit for a forum on philosophy.

Is this the stuff you're after: Get Started with Speech Recognition?

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Oct-13 13:46pm View
I'm sorry, but your question doesn't make any sense. Try to find somebody to help you in translating your native language to proper English. If you use Google's translate feature you'll most likely be disappointed by the results.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Oct-13 17:20pm View
I think you should know your way around CP after all the time you've spent here. This question might find it's place somewhere here, but definitely not in the Q&A section. There is a section for discussing algorithms though. I think you should better try there.
A question like "Did I implement this or that algorithm correctly, does definitely not belong into the Q&A.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Oct-13 16:44pm View
An empty question with a nebulous title!
That is somehow refreshingly new.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Sep-13 19:11pm View
You really are not that deep into doing any research yourself?
Please do observer the rules about asking questions here on CP.
There is a section especially suited for newcomers to take a serious look at: FAQ.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Sep-13 18:55pm View
Good advice, SA! When I've read the question before your answer I was not sure how to respond to this absolute lack of understanding what an interpreter actually does. Explaining something like that is totally out of scope for Q&A. I do appreciate your reconciliation abilities in your communication with the OP though.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Sep-13 16:33pm View
What is your goal? It sounds a bit of a hack you're trying to pull off.
Please elaborate on what it exactly is that you're trying to do here.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Sep-13 15:15pm View
Interesting, your question was posted 34 minutes ago and my response was posted 21 minutes ago.
For the sake of all other enquirers you might want to modify your question to show what you did to achieve your goal.
Thank you!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 27-Sep-13 6:00am View
I updated my solution according to you code sample. The bad part is you can't have DailyTask operate on the GUI thread if it involves waiting for a certain amount of time without blocking your GUI thread. See my solution for details to achieve what I think you want.

The question that comes to mind is why would you need DailyTask to run on the GUI thread? If access to the form's controls is the answer my solution will show you how to solve it.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 27-Sep-13 5:45am View
Thanks! :D
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 27-Sep-13 5:24am View
Hi xuyunhai,
I tried to reformulate your question in order to make it better understandable. Please check if what I've transscripted is what you meant to say. Also I'd advise you to add some code that illustrates your problem. Try to construct code that will just be enough to illustrate your problem. There is little appreciation if you dump pages and pages of code. Make a concise small example that will show us what you're trying to do. For example: If waiting in the method called by the event means some convoluted calculation, we don't want to see it. The waiting can then just be expressed by Thread.Sleep() call with maybe a comment that the Tread.Sleep() is a placeholder for some calculation.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 23-Sep-13 13:57pm View
Precision for a double is 15 - 16 digits. We've got fifteen here so there's no more to expect from a double.
double (C# Reference)
It's to bad we cant use Math.Pow and Math.Sqrt with decimal, eventhough that also has only about 28 - 29 digits at most.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 23-Sep-13 7:00am View
Exactly! Some functions such as Floor and Max do support decimal, but not Math.Sqrt and Math.Pow

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 23-Sep-13 6:44am View
I don't think using decimal instead of double will help you at all, since most of the functions in Math work only on double, especially Math.Sqrt and Math.Pow. Cheers!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Sep-13 17:00pm View
It could be I'm just being dumb, but why does the title of your post still say "recursive" when there's no trace of any recursion going on at all. The title is completely distracting from the intention of your post. The title is the first thing that one sees so why not make it more pertinent to the real question.

Just saying!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Sep-13 15:15pm View
Whatever, your algorithm displayed is iterative. That is why I asked in the first place. No recursion to be seen anywhere. So you are asking about how to turn (a possibly) recursive solution into an iterative one? Why not place the two next to each other, why would I want to visit another site without direct comparison.


Manfred Rudolf Bihy 22-Sep-13 12:27pm View
I searched your post, but I can't find any recursion happening anywhere. What am I missing?


Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Sep-13 10:46am View
What are you trying to tell me?
Sorry, but I didn't understand your comment.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Sep-13 7:23am View
You already had good advice here. Did you try the Cisco fora as advised or are your spreading this question evenly over the whole internet?
I see you are: here also

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Sep-13 1:04am View
Why don't you just do what your instructor told you to do?
There is an ever slim chance that something will stick and you'll actually learn something from this.

Don't give yourself up. Do try to do this yourself.
The compilation errors should be good enough hints to get you started.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 17-Sep-13 1:01am View
This is obviously some homework assignment and OP hasn't been spending adequate attention to his lessons. The namespace is a dead giveaway. "LAB_SA", hmmpfff!
BTW SA, what is your doing in this? "LAB_SA". ;P

(Just kidding)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-Sep-13 16:23pm View
Your question needs more context. What exactly is it you are trying to do?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Sep-13 11:41am View
What equation?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Sep-13 14:09pm View
Sorry for not properly reading, but the OR is definitely the problem because it tears the AND chain apart giving two expression left and right of the OR. The left part will not have the ProductMasterId restriction thus introducing these records into the result.
Hope that clarifies the problem.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Sep-13 14:01pm View
BTW: The operator != is fine if we're talking about T-SQL.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Sep-13 13:56pm View
My vote of one: OP's logic is wrong since AND has a higher precedence than OR. If the two conditions that should be ORed together were to be placed within parenthesis it will work as expected.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 4-Sep-13 12:07pm View
It most definitely is. I don't know why this was down voted.
Have my 5! :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Sep-13 15:34pm View
Well, no! If somebody designs his site as to not be displyed within another site who are you to challenge them. For more information you might want to google for "breaking out of iframe". Before abusing some site to integrate their content into your own site you should probably have a talk with them.
There's a chance they'll not let it do you for free though.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Sep-13 14:58pm View
Is this some kind of joke? If somebody had that code for android, what would be his incentive of giving it away to somebody?
There's an article here on codeproject that does this on the windows platform, good luck translating it to android along with all the libraries that do some of the image processing.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Sep-13 16:26pm View
You need to have sone one translate your request from your language to english. As it stands your message title and the body of your post show no coherancy. We can't understand shat you are trying to tell us.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Sep-13 13:54pm View
You've got to more specific about the needs of your development.
1. Targeted users / business branch
2. Platform / OS
3. Built from scratch: language/s
4. Built on a framework/system e.g. SAP

I hope you understand that your question does not appeal to anyone because you have stated no usefull requirements.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Aug-13 16:40pm View
Create a service? Have you done any research at all like using our old friend google for instance?
Just to jump start your researching capabilities try these as search terms in google: writing service
And if first you don't succeed try again with minor variations.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 29-Aug-13 14:39pm View
I hope you are aware that there are many unix shells out there, so you should at least tell us which one you are intending to use.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Aug-13 17:19pm View
So your question was not answered, I think it was. You still haven't shown what you have tried and where exactly your problem is. We only help people that have shown some effort in trying to solve their problem. Do some work, show it and you might get some help.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Aug-13 17:06pm View
I'm not sure if you want to replace the content of the file or if you just want to rename the file. Please explain what your input is and what exactly the expected output should be.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Aug-13 16:07pm View
Did you reset your counter value when the mouse leave event occurs?
You should really post the significant bits of your code by modifieing your question. That would be aof great help to us in guiding you.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Aug-13 15:28pm View
WinForms, or WPF?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Aug-13 7:05am View
I forgot that part about setting the Multiline property to true. :doh:
Have a 5!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Aug-13 14:46pm View
@ridoy: Then why wasn't that your first move. I reported it 4 minutes after your edit and it was the first report as SPAM. You better line up your priorities.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Aug-13 15:09pm View
It would have been extremely considerate of you if you posted your findings and how you went about solving your problem. As it currently stands what you posted here is not a solution, but should have been a comment only. Please, for the benefit of all, post or at least summarize how you solved your problem.
If it would be to much information for a solution please do consider writing an article or at least a tip/trick so we can all learn something from your findings.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Aug-13 9:24am View
Where is the problem?
Also, you forgot to mention the dimension.

Did you do some research?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 11-Aug-13 15:29pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n First of all let me tell you I really like your tip, but I'm missing the important information on which set of browsers this has been tried and reliably works. Would you mind adding this to your tip?

Thanks for your contribution!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 11-Aug-13 3:59am View
Would you mind showing us your solution?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Aug-13 14:50pm View
I always thought curd was made from milk as in the preparation of such to make it into cheese:
What a cheesy question!

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-13 16:44pm View
OP has a formatting problem and not a problem with generating the numbers themself. In my comment to OP's question I advised him to use String.Format("{0:D4}", number) to solve this issue.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-13 16:12pm View
A number is a number, but what you're talking about has to do how to format the number when ouput. Please see here:

So to solve your question all you have to do is generate a number between 0 and 4999 and then Format it with D4 as the format specification. This will pad the output with zeros up to a length of 4 characters.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-13 16:01pm View
Sorry, but that is not a solution to your question. I hope you're not trying to abuse CP here. You are just adding these numbers up.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-13 14:36pm View
Now that is a statement that should be taken to heart by everybody. It's not just for programmers or developers, but should be taught as a healthy part of work ethics to all. My 5!

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-13 14:27pm View
So what have you tried and where exactly are you stuck?

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-13 8:42am View
Thanks Maciej!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Aug-13 16:05pm View
I can understand that! That may also be the reason why appropriate quantifiers are missing.
beer {3,10} car{1,2} hottie {1,1}
Those are just my personal preferences of course.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 6-Aug-13 15:46pm View
(... and I want a beer... and a new car... and a hottie...)
I'm not sure your priorities are properly aligned, but my preferred order would be beer, hottie and car! ;P

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Aug-13 17:34pm View
I'm sorry to tell you that this is the Q&A. People come here with specific question to some kind of coding question and they usually tell us what exactly they have done and what problems they've encountered. An optimized cutting plane algorithm is just to broad a field to cover in this kind of forum. You'll have to do some Research yourself, start coding and come back when you can show us what you've tried and where your problem really lies.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Aug-13 16:36pm View
You can post links in comments, but you'll have to type in the anchor tag by hand. Just copy and paste won't work in the comments Editor.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 3-Aug-13 16:30pm View
The way you formulated your original question was not acceptable, as we don't offer any active advice on how hacking can be done. You'll have to research that for yourself. Advice on how to harden your code will be given more freely, so I decided to reformulate your question. I hope you don't mind my doing so.


Manfred Rudolf Bihy 2-Aug-13 9:00am View
Errr, CodeProject says no!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Jul-13 13:01pm View
All I can tell you it's a high rep downvote, I checked by trying an upvote.
I'm not sure though if your post is actually useful. Seems SA put OP on the right track.

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Jul-13 2:27am View
You do realize that your answer has nothing to do with OP's question, that apart from the fact that this question is way over two years old and that it has an accepted solution?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 14:01pm View
Well that depends. Doing the the drag and drop is just one aspect of creating the controls. The real work lies in how to incorporate the controls into the form so that they behave like they should. I do agree though that SA should have kept with his usual response that the solution to OP's question is either just to broad for Q&A or incorrect. (@SA: I hope you'll forgive me my little jab at your usual responses to this kind of question.)

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 13:32pm View
And your question is?
What have you tried and what problems have you encountered?
Did Google deny you any results from your searches? (hint)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 13:17pm View
Now that answer gets a well deserved 5! If people only took the time to look at what the visual designer generated as code there wouldn't be so many repetitive questions about how to "dynamically" generate controls at "runtime". That's the way it is done after all. :)

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 10:24am View
Corrected my solution, thanks for pointing it out!

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 10:18am View
Errhmm no! Sorry I didn't really think about it when I wrote that down.

My bad!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 4:59am View
So you didn't even look at the code in OP's question.
Here I'll copy it for you: MessageBox.Show("Please enter only numbers.");
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 30-Jul-13 4:06am View
I know OP didn't tag his question appropriately, but do you really think MessageBox.Show(...) would be used in a application?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jul-13 18:06pm View
I actually like the idea of formatting an USB stick unwittingly plugged into one of my servers (while it's running). I've got to mull over this a bit. :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jul-13 17:30pm View
In ASP.Net?? Hmmmm ...
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Jul-13 16:19pm View
A very well put question with a means to reproduce the behaviour. This question deserves a 5!

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Jul-13 1:07am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n This wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. Sorry!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 11-Jul-13 7:28am View
Why wouldn't they work? You don't have to use "this", just use a valid reference to a form you instantiated.
BTW if you're ready to build your own compiler I'm not sure why exactly you are having difficulties with doing this.
Maybe you should explain which part is giving you trouble.


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